Radioactive Scrap Metal From Japan Stopped At China Customs

#Radioactive Scrap Metal Shipped from Chiba Stopped at China’s Ningbo Customs (EX-SKF, June 5, 2012):

From China Central Television News Content (news date is not clear from the site; Yahoo Japan reporting the news says it’s from 6/5/2012):

East China’s Ningbo Customs recently seized 1,127 tons of radioactive metal scraps coming from Japan’s Chiba Port.

The scraps were imported by a Ningbo-based company and shipped from Chiba Port. Testing result showed that their Cesium-137 content was more than three times above China’s national safety limit.

“We has detected that there are excessive radioactive materials in cargoes of two ships from Japan, most of them from ports near Fukushima,” said Dai Weigu, deputy director of Logistics Monitoring Department of Zhenhai Customs which is affiliated to Ningbo Customs.

Ningbo Customs have seized a total of 8,544 tons of radioactive metal scraps since the Japan tsunami, said Wang Lingbao, director of Logistics Monitoring Department of Zhenhai Customs.

There are numerous scrap metal merchants and processors in Chiba Prefecture.

CCTV News, from youtube (Any readers who understand Chinese care to tell us what they are saying?):


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