Top Israeli Rabbi Aharon Shteinman: Gentiles Are ‘Murderers, Thieves, Brainless’

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Happy reincarnation! (Hint: You will probably be incarnated exactly as what you hated the most. And maybe, if you are really lucky, your own grandson will shoot you. Good luck!)


A spiritual head of the Lithuanian branch of Ultra-Orthodox Jewry in Israel, Rabbi Aharon Shteinman, recently said:

There are eight billion people in the world and what are they? Murderers, thieves, brainless people. But who is the essence of the world? Has God created the world for these murderers? For these evil-doers? Non-Jews have no connection to torah. The nations have nothing, no confidence (=faith) and no good principles.

This is not the fringe position of one fanatic. This statement has been echoed by prominent Israeli rabbis who say Gentiles are subhuman, worthy of death. Public expression of such racist vitriol began several years ago with publication and wide distribution of The King’s Torah, a commentary on the Talmud advocating murder of Arabs, even children. Israel’s ban on “incitement of religious hatred” should have been enforced against its authors, Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yoseph Elitzur, as well as other influential rabbis supporting and distributing it. It hasn’t. Just six days ago Israeli attorney general Yehuda Weinstein closed the case against them, dropping all criminal charges.

The Jerusalem Post reported “Weinstein said the investigation was being closed because there is not enough evidence that the book was published with the intention to incite racism.” According to Weinstein, “works pertaining to rulings on religious law or publications of religious sources should not be dealt with in criminal proceedings in order to preserve freedom of religion.”

The Reform Movement in Israel was quick to criticize exoneration of The King’s Torah and its supporters. The book “explicitly claims that the life of a Jew is worth more than the life of a non-Jew and permits the killing of innocent people including children.” The Post continues:

Director of the Reform Movement in Israel Rabbi Gilad Kariv said that closure of the case sends a message that “racial incitement is permitted in Israel and bears no price.” “This is the most racist book written in Hebrew in recent years,” Kariv continued. “This is a dangerous message that will lead not just to more words of incitement, but also to actions.”

One extract of the work argues that it is permitted to kill infants on the enemy side during warfare “if there is a good chance they will grow up to be like their evil parents.” In another example, rabbis Shapira and Elitzur state, “every citizen of our kingdom who opposes us and who encourages [our enemies’] fighters or expresses satisfaction with their deeds is considered an assailant and may be killed.”

Israel’s “Justice:” Blind to Christian Rights

Why does the government of Israel refuse to enforce its law against inciting racial hatred even when it is most flagrantly violated? Homicidal anger at Gentiles and Christians is preached by the Talmud and Zohar (Kabbalah), the authoritative doctrinal texts of Orthodox Judaism. These holy scriptures are the official position of the state of Israel, interpreted by the Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem. To prosecute those who interpret them at face value makes the state of Israel the hypocritical persecutor of Jewish literalists. (Complete documentation of Talmudic passages inciting Jews to murder Gentiles are contained in my article “The Complete Guide for Killing Gentiles“)

The government doesn’t dare prosecute the authors of The King’s Torah or its supporters, which include literally hundreds of rabbis and adherents in the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox community. The Post says:

Prominent rabbis Dov Lior and Ya’acov Yosef, who gave the book their approbation, were both invited by the police for questioning following its publication but refused to present themselves. They were arrested and brought for questioning in 2011, causing public outrage from the religious community.

Of course, the investigation was always half-hearted or even feigned, as is any prosecution of Ultra-Orthodox for anti-Arab violence. Yet this decision sends an especially encouraging message to the Ultra-Orthodox settler movement: Israel, an alleged democracy, ostensibly protective of the rights of non-Jewish minorities, will clearly not enforce its laws against Jews. More than ever, the settlers and those who persecute Arabs and Messianic Jewish Christians will be able to preach and practice the vengeful, even homicidal message of hate and bigotry epitomized by the Talmud and Zohar.

Israel Permits Anti-Gentile/Christian Bigotry

Israel again reveals itself a sham democracy, consistently protective of Israeli wrongdoers at the expense of the rights of Gentiles. Christian rights in Israel are actually so minimal that, although Jews may now legally advocate killing Arab children, there exists no effective legal remedy if Jews want to spit on Christians! Ha’aretz reports:

Jerusalem’s Christian community increasingly feels under assault, and that is especially true for Christians living in Jewish neighborhoods. Priests in the Old City, especially Armenian priests who must often transit the Jewish Quarter, say they are spat on almost daily. “It’s almost impossible to pass through Jaffa Gate without this happening,” said a senior priest at one Jerusalem church. The spitting has become so prevalent that some priests have simply stopped going to certain parts of the Old City.

Over the last week alone, a bilingual school and two churches have been vandalized, including the Baptist church vandalized Sunday. In both church attacks, the vandals spray-painted slogans denouncing Christianity, Jesus and Mary, such as “Jesus is dead,” “Death to Christianity” and “Mary was a prostitute.” (These are standard Talmudic sentiments.) The Baptist church has been attacked twice before: It was torched in 1982 and again in 2007.

Baptist priests don’t normally walk around in priestly garb but Kopp [the church’s pastor] said he would be afraid to walk through the Old City if he did. Jacob Avrahami, the Mayor’s advisor on the Christian community, visited the Baptist church on Monday to condemn the attacks. ‘They feel besieged; you can see it on them,’ he said. Dr. Gadi Gevaryahu, whose Banish the Darkness organization works to combat racism, said his big fear is that “one day, they’ll attack a mosque or a church with people inside and there will be a terrible conflagration here.”

Farah, Hagee Want Removal of Arabs

The many well-known cases of persecution of Christians in Israel do not dampen zeal for Israel among inveterate evangelical Zionist media leaders such as WorldNetDaily owner Joseph Farah. He still censors virtually all unflattering information about Israel to his millions of readers. (See “Zionist Evangelicals are World-Class Censors“)

His dogma remains, though Jewish statehood in 1948 was made possible only by the Deir Yassin and many other massacres of Arabs. (See “Israel: Founded on Terror “) Similarly, Zionists drove 800,000 homeless refuges including many Christian Arabs into concentration camps. He says “if you believe the Bible as I do, the return of Israel as a nation after 2,000 years is a greater miracle than all that occurred during the Exodus.” The misleading title of his article “Modern Israel: Greatest Miracle Ever?” suggests Israel’s statehood trumps even the incarnation and atonement of Christ!

Farah’s exuberance for Israel is matched only by Pastor John Hagee. Most rational people admit that Ultra-Orthodox actions are a dangerous trend as the violent and largely uncontrollable settlers cut down Arab olive groves, plug wells, attack innocent Arab farmers and drive them from their lands. Although Hagee responded to criticism by terminating support for the radical Ultra-Orthodox settler group, ImTirtzu, he had donated $200,000 to it over several years, comprising 75 percent of its budget.

Hagee is regarded in Israel as especially favoring the funding of Ultra-Orthodox settlements, such as Ariel in Samaria, deep in occupied Arab territory. He, like most evangelical Zionists, wants to see Israeli settlers completely displace Arabs from the West Bank and Gaza. This is so that Jews may occupy their biblically promised land from Sinai to Lebanon to the Euphrates. Farah also believes resettlement of Arabs to neighboring lands is the only solution to the Palestinian threat against Israel. (See “Farah’s Callous “Final Solution” for Palestine“)

Toward this end not only does Hagee, like Farah, censor misdeeds by the Ultra-Orthodox against Messianic Jewish Christians in cities like Ariel and Arad, but his organization “Christians United for Israel” (CUFI) sends at least $10 million to Israel annually, much of it providing infrastructure and amenities to primarily Ultra-Orthodox settlements behind the “Green Line.”

Encouragement of Ultra-Orthodox Results in Violence

Jewish settlement Ariel is a hot bed of Ultra-Orthodox harassment of Messianic Jewish Christians. For months the Messianic family of David and Leah Ortiz received threats from the Ultra-Orthodox, to which the police were largely indifferent. This is, however, a way of life for most Messianic Jews in the occupied territories. Then suddenly on March 20, 2008 the package bomb delivered by Ultra-Orthodox zealot Jack Tietal exploded in the face of their son, Ami, terribly disfiguring his body and nearly killing him. Yet Hagee and Farah say virtually nothing in their vast media outreaches to warn the Christian world of Israel’s anti-Christianity. Instead, Hagee built a multi-million-dollar sports arena for the city of Ariel, a settlement seething with hatred for Jesus. He actually threw in an extra $500,000 if they would name one of the buildings after him!

There is no truth in Rabbi Shteinman’s denunciation of all Gentiles. But, concerning Zionist evangelical leaders who rigorously censor anything not flattering of Israel and refuse to consider any constructive criticism of the Jewish state, he did use one word it’s hard to deny is apropos: “Brainless.”

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