30,000 Drones Over America – A Weaponized Fascist Police State (Video)

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Bill, HR 658 30,000 Drones To Police America

Now, on 2/10/2012 we find the corrupt US Congress has approved (and President Obama has signed) a law funding 30,000 DEVIL DRONE UNMANNED AIRCRAFT[.b] for use inside America’s boundaries at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security. Bill, HR 658, the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act authorizes the manufacture and deployment of the dreadful spy drones by 2015 at a cost of $63.4 Billion which may not include the cost of supporting and maintaining them after they are deployed. I thought we were cutting spending. Who are the financial power elite enabling – military industrial complex crony capitalists getting the spy drone construction contracts?

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The corrupt Congress must also expect widespread food riots and protests in the coming deflation economy and Greater Depression. Why don’t you hear about any of this? Well, because the evil elite own all the mainstream media. That’s why! If it is in the major newspapers or on the nightly news you can BELIVE THE OPPOSITE!

Police Drone With Grenade Launcher

300,000$ for one drone!

Police Use Predator Drones Dozens Of Times:

Shadowhawk Drone Specs And Payload:

Government Hiding Drone Use & Ignoring Freedom of Information Act

Police Drone With Grenade Launcher

Police Drone Weaponry:

Drone Crashes Into Swat Vehicle:

Some Footage From Here:


Most interesting of all are the grenade launcher and other projectile modifications for the Shadowhawk. Generally speaking, police drones have not been equipped with guns or launchers. Shadowhawk variants, however, include 40 mm grenade launchers and other lethal small arms payloads. These are set up for military application only, but the Shadowhawk’s grenade launch capability could be used for the deployment of CS gas canisters and other non-lethal ordnance during a crow control or raid scenario.

Weapons Systems Availible:
U.S. Military and Law Enforcement consumers have less-lethal/lethal options including single or mulitple shot 37 mm/40mm grenade launcher, 12g shotgun

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