LED Lights for Better Mental Health

Guest post.

It is no secret that the wavelengths of light that you are exposed to have an effect on your body, mind and brain. Do you know what kind of light you are being exposed to and how they are changing the way you feel, behave and think? It’s time to make yourself aware and make the changes you need to optimize yourself and your surroundings.

The light that you want in your life is natural sunlight. With all the warnings about sun exposure and skin cancer, you may be thinking that it is better to avoid the sun altogether. That’s so far from the truth that it’s scary how many people truly believe this to be the case.

There are some people who are afflicted with a disorder known as seasonal affective disorder. This is where people feel their emotions and thought patterns changing with the seasons. The truth is that the biggest part of this disorder is the changing amounts of sun that you get through the year. You find yourself happier during the sunny months of the summer and you feel depressed and awful during the winter. One of the most common tools that people use are customized LED lights designed to produce light with the same wavelength and kelvin rating as real sunlight.

The standard incandescent bulbs that you find in everyday life are a nasty yellow light that may look like what you think natural sunlight looks like, but real sunlight isn’t yellow. Real sunlight is clear and bright with a perfectly balanced ratio of the different wavelengths your brain needs to function properly.

I started installing lights in my home that replicate real sunlight because I started to grow my own hot pepper plants. I noticed that I was feeling brighter and happier during my day. I ended up comparing my CFL and LED lights to the doctor prescribed lights that my girlfriend has to help her seasonal affective disorder. They are almost identical to each other while my CFL and LED lights are a lot less expensive and can be used in standard lighting fixtures.

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  1. Okay a partial answer to What and Why, now for Where. Would you care to publish more details? What I have just read is what I would get on the newscast read to me by the announcer. What sources of these led lights did you use? What Kelvin temps do I want?


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