6 Out Of 10 Fukushima Children Under 12 Have Diabetes

6 in 10 children under 12 have diabetes in Fukushima (Fukushima Diary, May 16, 2012):

Dr. Miura, the director of Iwase general hospital conducted health checkup for people in temporary dwellings in Sukagawa city Fukushima. The result showed 6 in 10 children under 12 years old have diabetes.

Dr. Miura states this is abnormal situation, but is guessing it’s because of the lack of exercise or stress.

Strontium90 (half life time 28.79 y) has beta decay to become yttrium90 (half life time 64 h).
Strontium90 and yttrium90 come to have radiative equilibrium within a month and strontium90 : yttrium90 becomes 3900 : 1 stably.
Yttrium90 is stocked in pancreas to cause pancreatic cancer or diabetes.

Dr. Miura is concerned about the mental problem of children in Fukushima, but the hospital is recruiting doctors and medical staff. The slogan is “To let citizens live longest in Japan.”


ストロンチウム90は半減期64時間のイットリウム90にベータ崩壊します。純粋なストロンチウム90は徐々にイットリウム90の比率を増やし、お よそ一ヶ月で放射平衡になります。その結果、ストロンチウム90とイットリウム90は3900:1を定常的に保ちます。 このイットリウム90はすい臓に 蓄積し、すい臓がんや糖尿病を引き起こすことが分かっています。


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