Will Hungary Be The Next Iceland? PM Viktor Orban: ‘Hungarians Will Not Live As Foreigners Dictate’

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As for the best summary of how Hungary feels right now?

One person in the crowd held a sign reading: “Colonization: 1956 Soviet Tanks, 2012 Western Banks.”

Will Hungary Be The Next Iceland? PM Orban: “Hungarians Will Not Live As Foreigners Dictate” (ZeroHedge, Mar 16, 2012):

When it comes to being a NWO debt slave, one can accept their fate demurely and bent over, like a conditionally habituated dog electroshocked into perpetual submission just as the banker elites like it, with threats that the world would end the second one dared to change the status quo (see Greece), or one can do something about being a debt slave. Like Iceland. And then rapidly proceed to be the best performing economy in Europe. And reading some of the latest news out of Hungary, which has to count its lucky stars is not stuck in the inflexible nightmare that is the mercantilist Eurocurrency union, gives us hope that we may soon witness the next sovereign rebellion against the banker yoke. The WSJ reports: “Hungary’s premier fired a new broadside in the country’s running battle of wills with the European Union, saying that Hungarians should be free to make their own laws without interference from Brussels.  Speaking to a large crowd of supporters celebrating the anniversary of a 19th-century Hungarian revolt against Austrian rule, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said: “Hungarians will not live as foreigners dictate.” This has promptly generated the anticipated response from European unelected dictator Barroso, who minutes ago said that Hungary’s Orban doesn’t get democracy. Oh, we think he does. What he doesn’t seem to get, or like, is existence in a banker-governed technocratic, klepto-fascist state, in which the peasantry is merely an intermediary vessel for asset confiscation by insolvent banks. Like Greece… which however already is the butt of all jokes of personal submission to a foreign oppressor, so there is no dignity in kicking a dog that is down.

Why is Orban angry with the EU?

Mr. Orban’s sharp words came amid tensions between Budapest and the EU, which is pressuring Hungary to change laws on its central bank, judiciary and data privacy that the group says violate its rules.

EU ministers also voted this week to suspend development funds for Hungary next year unless the country adopts new measures to trim its budget deficit. Hungary insists the country is on track to meet its EU-mandated targets.

The European Commission for Democracy through Law, a legal advisory panel better known as the Venice Commission is expected to issue Friday an opinion on the independence of the judiciary under Hungary’s new constitution.

What is ironic, is that even this potentially faux statement of defiance, is peanuts compared to how the people really think. Does anyone wonder why the death of “democratic” Europe would be a referendum? Simple – the people are sick of living in the feudal middle ages, only this time instead of a lord, the person in charge is a CEO of a local insolvent bank..d

About a mile from Mr. Orban’s rally in front of the country’s neo-Gothic parliament building, an opposition protest drew tens of thousands of Hungarians angry with Mr. Orban and his Fidesz party’s legislative agenda.

The demonstration was organized by the group One Million for the Hungarian Freedom of the Press, commonly known as Milla. Speakers called on the government to guarantee media freedom and observe EU norms.

Mr. Orban’s government wants “complete political and economic control,” said Andras Magyar, a 61-year-old pensioner who joined the protest. “I’m very unhappy about the injustice now, the development of a dictatorial system.”

Mr. Orban and his supporters dismiss criticism of the new constitution, which they say protects Hungarian values while complying with EU standards.

“We are going to protect the constitution, which is our security for the future,” Mr. Orban said Thursday, to applause. He said Hungary doesn’t need the “unsolicited assistance of foreigners wanting to guide our hands.”

Mr. Orban’s speech offered no detailed, direct comments on the points of contention between Budapest and Brussels. But he did allude to central bank independence, which the EU and IMF have said must be insured before they will start talks on a precautionary loan Hungary wants.

Naturally, Europe merely wants every impression of defiance squashed: after all Germany hasn’t funded all those current account deficits with €550+ billion in money it was never again see via the Buba just so these slaves can go ahead and revolt.

The EU is insisting, among other things, that Hungary change the oath of office for central bankers to reflect their role as part of an EU-wide central-bank system.

Mr. Orban’s speech captured a sense of national grievance shared by many Hungarians unhappy that the prosperity they aspired to when they joined the EU has been smothered by a mountain of household and public debt.

As for the best summary of how Hungary feels right now?

One person in the crowd held a sign reading: “Colonization: 1956 Soviet Tanks, 2012 Western Banks.”

The only question remaining: how much longer will the status quo dangle the carrot of a “solvent” welfare socialist state when at this point everyone knows Europe, and the entire developed world is broke. Curious how pensions will fare when reality comes crashing down? Why take a look at the 80% haircut in the Greek pension system. And then consider that Greece has a first mover advantage. The sad truth is that very soon several hundred million European, and Americans, will realize that the social safety net everyone had taken for granted, and thanks to which nobody dared to revolt, has been long-plundered.

What then?

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