Nigel Farage On Europe: Determined But Delusional – ‘Is This Being Done To Help Greece?’ … ‘No, It Is Going To Crucify Greece’

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Nigel Farage On Europe: Determined But Delusional (ZeroHedge, Mar 14, 2012):

In one of his most vociferous speeches (which is saying something for the eloquent Englishman), UKIP’s Nigel Farage takes his peers in the European Parliament to task on their “determined yet delusional” attempt to keep the Euro propped up (as they desperately avoid using the ‘D’-word – default). Citing many of the shocking statistics we have ever-so-quietly posted (such as 50% youth unemployment in Greece, the sovereign bond litigation against the Greek government, and the German FINMIN saying a third bailout for Greece is possible), he conjures images of the stuff-upper-lip English ignoring the carnage around them as they enjoy dinner. Striking at the heart of the problem, Farage notes that what is being done is not to save Greece (in fact it will ‘crucify’ them – as is already evident in their GGB2 pricing) but to save the “failing Euro project” and he ends with a critical lesson for the outspoken political leaders that surround him and their unequivocal statements


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