Vladimir Putin: ‘The West Wants Regime Change In Iran’ – Putin Warns West Over Syria, Says Consequences Of Any Attack On Iran Would Be ‘Catastrophic’

Putin warns West over Syria, Iran (Guardian, Feb. 27, 2012):

MOSCOW (AP) — Vladimir Putin has accused the United States and its Western allies of supporting the Arab Spring revolts in its own interests and strongly warned against a military intervention in Syria.

Putin said in an article published Monday in the Moscow News daily that the Western push for sanctions against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government was “cynical.” He insisted that both the government and opposition forces should pull out of cities to end bloodshed.

Putin defended a Russia-China veto of a U.N. resolution condemning Assad’s crackdown on protests, saying that Moscow wouldn’t allow the replay of what happened in Libya, where a NATO air campaign helped Libyans end Moammar Gadhafi’s regime.

He also warned strongly against any attack on Iran, saying its consequences would be “catastrophic.”

Putin: ‘The West wants regime change in Iran’ (RT, Feb. 25, 2012):

Vladimir Putin believes the US is using the issue of Iran’s nuclear program as a pretext for regime change. Meanwhile, its AMD plans for Europe is an attempt to have a monopoly on security.

“Under the guise of trying to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction they [the US] are attempting something else entirely and setting different goals – regime change,” news agencies quote Putin as saying.

The Russian PM pointed out that US foreign policy, including that in the Middle East, was expensive, inefficient and largely unpredictable. Putin also added that, among other things, it may eventually disserve Israel.

“They changed regimes in North Africa. What will they do next? In the end, Israel may find itself between the devil and the deep blue sea,” he said.

(Interview With US General Wesley Clark (Ret.): US Government Planned To ‘Take Out 7 Countries In 5 Years’: ‘Starting With Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan And Finishing Off Iran’)

The Russian PM raised a number of issues during roundtable defense talks that gathered dozens of high-ranking military experts. The meeting took place in Central Russia’s city of Sarov, a closed town known as a center of nuclear research, and focused on domestic security issues as well as on global threats.

To begin with, Putin addressed the longstanding issue of NATO’s AMD plans for Europe and Russia’s involvement in the project.

“When it comes to developing our relationship towards joint AMD [in Europe] they do not want to talk seriously with us. They avoid direct talks about it. This is what happens – they try to make it look as if our relationship is developing.

“It is absolutely clear that national security is vital, but one has to do it without creating new global threats and without shifting the balance of strategic powers,” he added.

The US claims AMD is not aimed against Russia, while Putin says Russia’s growing arsenal of Topol-M and Yars and radio location stations are also not aimed against the US.

There have been several attempts to negotiate building a joint AMD shield that have shown no results, but Putin says there is a reason why NATO should reconsider the option.

“We have something that should push our colleagues and partners towards more constructive work than we’ve seen so far,” he said.

Regarding the state of national armaments Vladimir Putin said the West is far from understanding the potential.

“A few years ago we were told – not directly – but we know that the US told their colleagues in NATO ‘let Russia do whatever, all they have left is rust.’ Well today this is not the case.”

Talking about the US presidential elections and America’s relationship with Russia in the event of the right wing coming to power Putin said: “if some neoconservatives start trying to tighten the screws on us, they can do it till the thread bursts.”

“I think our position on Syria in the UN Security Council shows that we are not going to nod along to anyone. We hope it will always be like that,” he said in response to a statement by one of the officials attending the meeting that it was about time Russia stopped doing whatever America tells it to do.

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  1. Putin is brilliant, charismatic and utterly ruthless. He is the brains behind the real world war being waged on the USA…..the war against US currency.
    In 2009, at the peak of the financial collapse, his people approached the Chinese and suggested both nations band together and dump all US debt at once. China, deeply invested in US treasuries, wisely declined. Since then, they have quietly been divesting themselves of US debt.
    In July of 2010, Hugo Chavez led a group of nations in South America, Caribbean and Cuba to join together and form their own trade alliance leaving the US dollar out. They went so far as to create an electronic system, the Sucre, allowing each nation to trade using their own currencies.

    A few months later, Russia and China got together and established their own trade agreements using their own currencies, leaving the US dollar out completely. Thanks to the added sanctions on Iran, a rich and fruitful trading partner for many rich and emerging nations, India and Japan have joined with Russia and China in trading without the US dollar. All of these nations are important to us as trading partners and users of the dollar……it is all disappearing, and there is no way for the US to fight back.

    Back in 2001, Iraq and Libya both wanted the US dollar replaced with gold as the world standard currency…..we saw what happened to them. So, nations are just working around the dollar instead….and many of them are rich and necessary emerging economies. Iran just announced they will trade with all nations using their currencies or gold….their choice.

    The US dollar is quickly losing it’s position of power. The rest of the world is tired of our heavy handed methods, and Russia’s idea of cutting the US out of the trade game is working.

    The rising gas & food prices are being blamed on Wall Street speculators. That is part of the reason, but not all of it. The dollar has been printed nonstop with no accounting as to how much or where the money goes & it is losing value. Now that nations are finding safe ways to avoid using the US dollar, our days are numbered. Everything is over, but the falling. OUr dollar is falling in value, and we are going to see prices spike as we have never seen in our lifetime.
    Our leaders seem oblivious to this real war, but it is happening and the other sides are winning. I think Putin is the mind behind it.
    Hang on, everyone, we are in for a bumpy ride.


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