GREEK 1 YEAR BONDS HIT 639 PERCENT As Market Slowly Figures Out ECB Fake Out Is Euro And Greece Negative

Message to the people of Greece: Got physical gold and silver?

Market Slowly Figures Out ECB Fake Out Is Euro And Greece Negative As Greek 1 Year Bonds Hit 639% (ZeroHedge, Feb. 17, 2012):

Yesterday, when the rumor (because it has not been confirmed by the ECB, and most certainly not by the Bundesbank) that the ECB would distribute its “gains” (i.e., personally fund the difference between cost basis and par on Greek bonds – incidentally, a development which BUBA president Jens Weidmann has said would only happen over his dead body) we urged readers “to ignore the constant barrage of meaningless noise and flashing red headlines” as apparently nobody who trades the EURUSD has any clue what subordination means or has ever participated in any debt for equity transaction. Specifically, with regard to the idiotic EURUSD reaction we said: “Today [yesterday] is a great case in point of a tangential detour which does nothing to change the reality that Germany no longer wants Greece in the Eurozone (remember, oh, yesterday), and that the ECB is merely playing possum with PSI creditors who will block the deal with even greater vigor than before (anyone recall the FT story about the PSI deal being on the verge of collapse not due to the ECB but due to private creditors?) as the ECB’s even bigger subordination will simply make the amount of hold outs even greater.” We concluded by assuming that “algos will take the required 12-48 hours to figure out what just happened today.” Well, the algos are still lost in idiot vacuum tube world, but at least the banks are starting to comprehend what the ‘deal’ really means and that the Nash Equilibrium is even worse than before. From Bloomberg: “A plan being considered by the European Central Bank to shield its Greek bond holdings from a restructuring may hurt the euro because it implies senior status for the ECB over other investors, UBS AG said. “There are at least two euro-negative dimensions, which will likely lead to euro weakness” as a result of the plan, Chris Walker, a foreign-exchange strategist at UBS in London, wrote in a research report today.” Once again, we urge all FX traders to read our primer on subordination, and why and how it will define trading this year, as reactions such as the one yesterday confirm that the market is not only broken but also very stupid. Which is just as those in charge like it.


The risk of a voluntary restructuring morphing into a coercive one has arguably increased significantly,” Walker said. “It may appear that the ECB is receiving preferential treatment, raising questions about whether the ECB is senior to private sector bondholders, not only in the case of Greek debt, but also regarding the debt of other euro-zone nations that the ECB may be purchasing.

A private sector bondholder that has been suddenly and unexpectedly subordinated may have a reduced incentive to continue to hold onto that debt,” he said.

UBS, the world’s third-biggest currency trader, estimates the shared currency will slide to $1.25 in three months and $1.15 in one year, according to today’s report.

And while FX, and naturally stock, markets are getting dumber by the minute, the one final bastion or rationality remains credit. Indeed, Greek 1 year bonds just dropped to a new all time low, yielding a jaw-dropping 583% and trading as high as 639%.

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