Namie-machi, Fukushima: 214,200 Bq/Kg Radioactive Cesium Detected In Crushed Stones

214,200 Bq/Kg of Radioactive Cesium from Crushed Stones from Namie-machi, Fukushima (EX-SKF, Feb. 15, 2012):

Remember the radioactive apartment complex in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima, where the concrete foundation contained the supposed “radioactive” crushed stone from the stone pit in Namie-machi, bordering the “no-entry” zone?

Fukushima Prefecture finally released the data on the radioactivity of the stones, and it was indeed high. The survey by the Fukushima prefectural government and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is still ongoing, in an effort to identify the elevated radiation levels coming off the concrete that used these crushed stones. Good luck.

Jiji Tsushin (2/15/2012) reports:


…Fukushima Prefecture also announced the result of the survey at the stone pit [in Namie-machi] conducted on January 20. The crushed stones for concrete stored in the open without a roof were found with the maximum 120,200 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium, while the crushed stones used as subbase course materials were found with 214,200 becquerels/kg.

(At least) 7 tonnes of stones (for building exterior) from Fukushima Prefecture were sold in Tokyo last year, as I reported in my post on January 22, 2012. I haven’t heard news of whatever happened to them.

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