UK To Microchip Prescription Medicines With New Smart Pill By The End Of 2012

The future is now: No chance to discontinue the medicine!

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Forget personal privacy – UK to microchip prescription medicines with new smart pill (Natural News, Feb. 2, 2012):

Under the guise of helping people remember to take their medications as prescribed, a new microchip product called Helius, or the Raisin Personal Monitor, will be attached to pills in the UK by the end of 2012. The product is designed by Proteus Biomedical in California. Presumably, the powers that be don’t believe that citizens of the UK have enough sense to take their medicines without being monitored. With the addition of the Helius “smart pill” to medicines, people will lose the right to make their own decisions about how their healthcare is managed. Where else will this “new” medical technology surface?

Proteus Biomedical has stated that individual rights to privacy will be protected; however, the information contained in the chip can be transferred over the internet via cell phone. The spin being put out is Helius will assist people in taking care of their health by remembering to take all their medicines, alleviating the fears of caregivers and distant family members who may not be able to provide day-to-day care for their loved ones. Swallowing the medicine laced with Helius activates a high-frequency signal throughout the individual’s body that is detected by something on you or inside you, according to Proteus Biomedical rep. The person wears a small Bandaid-like monitor that records the signal from the medication, logging the time and what medicine was taken. The monitor, or health companion, can also measure vital signs at the same time such as heart rate, respiration, body posture, temperature and sleep patterns — and who knows what else. The data is then allegedly encrypted and uploaded to the internet via the person’s cell phone. Patients have the option of sharing their data with family members, doctors and others. How secure and private their data will be remains to be seen.

Additional applications for Helilus are being investigated by huge pharmaceutical company, Novartis, as they work with Proteus to expand uses. Data on various diseases and possible lifestyle decisions could be collected, such as diabetes, tuberculosis, organ transplants, heart monitoring and metal health conditions. It’s chilling to think about how this data might be used, especially for those with mental health diagnoses. Consider the implications of being monitored and made to take devastating psychotropic drugs regularly if you’re bipolar or suffer from depression.

Health risks

The chips may produce significant health risks associated with the use of Bluetooth technology, which is linked to developing brain cancer. When Helius is swallowed, it may put the entire body at risk from exposure to Bluetooth, and there’s no way to avoid it other than not taking the medicine. Studies relating to safety of Helius are not available, nor are the components of the device.

FDA approval

The FDA has approved this invasive product for market without tests for safety, in spite of the possible risks from the Bluetooth technology. They state in their approval letter to Proteus Biomedical, “… the device is substantially equivalent (for the indications for use stated in the enclosure) to legally marketed predicate devices marketed in interstate commerce prior to May 28, 1976, the enactment date of the Medical Device Amendments, or to devices that have been reclassified in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that do not require approval of a pre-market approval application.” Read the full text of the letter here:

The potential health risks and implications regarding the loss of privacy are frightening. Individual rights are treated as if they don’t exist — once again — in favor of Big Pharma and government agendas.

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