2 thoughts on “‘Iran Signs Own Death Warrant’ (Veterans Today)”

  1. Confused to what point?
    Every person that joins the US Military takes an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution always, even to our death. There is no statute of limitation on crimes against our Constitution even if it is the New Hampshire Supreme Court committing such despicable criminal acts. My country the USA is everything to me. My mental state and my other three service connected disabilities give our elected officials and law enforcement ammunition to harm my character in the public eye. I never saw it coming from the Veterans Today web site. A veteran writer telling me to give up stopping the NH SC from criminal acts that diminish our Constitution to a worthless piece of paper. I can remember a convoy with me as American advisor in Cambodia where the enemy took me from a friendly village. Many clicks into the bush we settled for the night at a campsite. Tied up near a campfire I was punched, burned and pissed on until the two there were unconscious from what they were drinking. The odds were insurmountable tied up next to two enemies sleeping and another walking guard just out of site. I freed my hands and did the uncivilized act of sneaking up on the child standing guard killing him with my bayonet to get my M-16 back and escape. Almost every person that serves in the US Military can tell you a story of insurmountable odds where they did not give up for they took and oath to defend and protect our Constitution against all odds even death.
    The name Veterans Today implies to me that this web site is to promote and recognized the character that our US Military stands for. To accuse a 100% combat related disabled US Marine of abuse and abusing the system because too much time passes as this veteran continues to correct the criminal wrongs of the NH SC. It has to be called abuse if, as the US Government has done (allow the Veterans Administration to stop medical care for a 100% disabled veteran) to stop this veteran from writing opinion letters of government wrongs. Government retribution is as criminally wrong as the news media refusing to inform the public by way of to censor. Confused to the point where I pray that law enforcement will come and cause my death just to prove to the public they were right. Wasting my time and my life trying to stand for the oath that I took implies that every person that fought for the USA to exist was wrong.
    The odds of coming back from a mission alive are always against us. Every person that joins the US military soon learns death is ours. Never did I expect back here that our Constitution would not protect every citizen equally against government wrongs. Never did I expect Freedom of the Press to use manipulating the truth to protect biased news reporting to the public. The odds that the Veterans Administration has and still does these wrongs to other US Military Veterans everyday is as good as a Veterans Today web site telling me that time makes the criminal wrongs against our Constitution by the NH SC ok.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 6037813839

  2. I have never served in the military, so I cannot imagine the fortitude it takes to put on the uniform to protect what you believe in, whether it be the country or the constitution. Unfortunately, those really in charge do not care about the constitution and do not mind utilizing those honest and dedicated soldiers as just costs of doing business to maintain their wealth and power.


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