‘Summer’ In Australia: Cold Snap Sets New Record Low Temperatures

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Cold snap sets new record low temperatures (ABC News, Jan. 12, 2012):

The weather bureau says an extreme cold front has broken a series of low temperature records for Canberra, Goulburn and the Snowy Mountains.

The southern tablelands and Victoria’s Alpine region have also been hit by the summer chill.

A rapidly moving cold front from Antarctica moved though Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT yesterday.

The icy and changeable weather delivered a low of -4 degrees Celsius and a dusting of snow to the Snowy Mountains.

Forecaster Sean Carson says the snow is unseasonable, but not rare. (LOL!)

“In fact, it was only three to four years ago they had a 20cm centimetre fall in January,” he said.

In Canberra, the mercury dropped to 1.6C, eclipsing the record of 1.8C set in 1956.

Goulburn experienced -0.1C, beating the previous record January low of 1.4C.

The front has now moved east over the Tasman Sea.

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