14 thoughts on “The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Were Giant Power Plants (Tesla Towers) That Supplied The Whole Of Egypt With Electricity (Video)”

  1. Could be the flimsiest theory ever.
    Let’s start with the fallacy that granite is a good conductor. It only gets worse when it butchers history.

  2. Interesting.

    Too bad the pyramid was a sealed unit when the arabs opened it.

    If this was as described, it would have to be servicable and there would have been better access to the interior.

    But, as the story goes, hot and cold were applied until a crack formed allowing the surface to be breached. From there, booby-traps were encoutered in several locations.

    Why on earth would they place these booby-traps in something they needed to monitor and maintain?

    Granite as a conductor…hmmmmmm.

  3. Lol, pyrimids werent made of granite jackass… but YES they were none conductive, LIMESTONE on the exterior. But what was the top of the great pyramid made of? A shiny smooth hard dense material they call metal. And not just any metal, a conductive one. Im not saying its true that it is a tesla coil. But you are indeed an idiot. So before you try covering your own stupidity through being soooo sure of how right (wrong) you are, try just letting it go. Ur thoughts are as useless as this comment. Why is this useless? Because u probably cant read.

  4. The pyramids themselves would not have been sufficient to generate that kind of power. But it is possible that with the right building materials, operating under the right conditions, could produce an energy field that would open a doorway into the spirit world. This is what was attempted at the towel of Babel.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to produce this video.

    You got it – in my opinion. It seems you received the reception that you probably expected. They will call us crazy.

    So, to anyone who has commented thus far, and anybody reading this and wanting to pass it off as nuts, may I respectfully suggest that before posting further comments you reasearch a little more

    I urge you to watch this film:-

    The film is FREE (just as electricity should be) and will make you question where the real power in this world lies, and why. It is all to do with energy. We are running out of fuel ! Coal, Oil, Gas, – we pay high prices for the fuel to supply our basic needs of heat and light. Yet it does not have to be this way. The free power produced by the pyramids is probably known about by your government ministers, and definitely known about by the Corporations that are making huge profits from the consumer, holding countries to debt ransoms, and keeping US in debt and poor, unable to have the control over our lives with no time or energy to really Enjoy Life.
    We are Slaves to Debt – our mortgages on our homes for example – the repayments of which include ?% interest – are designed to keep us in the hum drum of working – now most of us are working for Big Corporations whether we are aware of it or not. Thay take the profit and become the richest people in our world. We cannot escape all the while we are in the Debt Trap. Corporation Heads know this and keep house prices just high enough so that rrepaying our borrowing will steal the best years of our lives from us.
    The Egyptians, knew it. The Mayans knew it. But it has been lost. Why did Tesla not receive accolades? Why were his discoveries quashed? Because they would have resulted in free energy for all of us. Therefore we would no longer be to slaves to Corporations, and they would cease to make the profits and keep us in debt.
    Think about it.
    Many thanks for reading
    andorra : D

  6. Andorra – I find it hard to conceive of the possibility that anybody who has passed through any public educations system can be a s stupid as you, without either having killed themselves at an early age or been committed to a Mental Institution. On that basis I have to assume that you are a troll, and I claim my 10 bucks.

  7. what Andorra said can’t be comprehended by people who don’t want to know this, they are in denial or worse, THEY BELIEVE WHAT THEY THINK IS TRUE XD they are slaves to the evil people who control they’re lives, they go to school and swear allegiance to the flag in k! they are brainwashed from the start, they believe that evolution is a proven fact because the government put it in the school books, they lose reason, they end up brainlessly believing everything they are told BESIDES THE TRUTH no matter what, the people who actually know whats going on are going to be the crazy’s,
    which doesn’t matter anymore, they’re out of time and the worlds going to pot,
    just watch, cause to them seeing is believing, what can I do? I’ll probably be dead soon, since Hawaii’s most likely to get nuked, plus all the islands of the world cause “all the islands of the world will be shook from its place” and I don’t think that means they’re turning into a cruise XD do I sound worried though? maybe not but I’m really scared, and I have a right to be at 14 years old, I haven’t even had time to enjoy my life with all this homework, at least I’m not reading useless junk like public schooled kids, anyways I enjoyed the video thanks<3 ^-^

  8. I think the electricity in the great pyramid opened a wormhole through space by creating vortexes with all the pyramids and obelisks. The wormhole would some how open up in the temple walls where the indentations seem to exist. The software is all the electricity flowing across the hieroglyphs getting shot into space like a transmitter. Some how it had to work they would not document something so advanced long ago if it didn’t work.

  9. This is great information for the arrogantly ignorant masses who have been completely “whitewashed” by Eurocentric white supremacist who seek to rewrite history to include Europeans as the prime inventors, discoverers, and most advanced “race” known to man which is an obvious fallacy AND bold face lie. To prove this, every textbook, history book, or science book always lists a european as the source of a particular advancement or knowledge claimed to be unknown; for instance, it was stated that Ben Franklin discovered electricity…an obvious lie, many civilizations had knowledge of electricity prior to Ben Franklin’s very existence. It was reported that Christopher Columbus discovered America, which was already inhabited by other people…so, Columbus was in fact the one who was “discovered” on the shores of an inhabited America. Even if the arrogantly ignorant rejects the truth that the pyramids were conductors, The proof that Ancient civilizations were more knowledgable or technically advanced is that NOT ONE modern society or “civilization” has ever been able to reconstruct a pyramid of equal splendor or accuracy as the ones standing in Egypt to this very day. No modern technology has ever been able to even provide the level of mathematics or building capacity to create such a structure as the pyramids at Giza. Scientist, architects, or any or modern man has yet to match that level of architectural achievement. The pyramids at Giza have outlasted many nations and civilizations and have been around for thousands of centuries. Now, add that AFRICAN achievement to the history books, self- defined supremacist. Good video! In closing with ancient writings from Egypt, ” And they shall recognized the writings on the wall, and the truth shall set you free. FREE YOUR MIND from modern slavery………….As Salaamu Alaikum.

  10. For all of those that said granite is a poor conductor, go and do your homework please: granite has a high percentage of quartz, so yes it is. Limestone on the exterior would be use to isolate so the only escape is through the top. This theory makes more sense as pyramids were never used as tombs, otherwise inside they would have been decorated, and NO, the aliens did not built them…. if you all took the time to study the theory behind TESLA you would also a lot in common in thge the above theory…..

  11. This video is worth watching if you are interested in the pyramids ability to generate electricity. Granite is not the main rock used in the construction, dolomite Limestone is. It is then insulated by an outer layer of tura limestone. Tura Limestone acts as the insulator and Dolomite acts as the conductor. The video explains in more detail and is definately worth a look if you are interested in the Pyramids. It is definately not a tomb. The ancients had incredible knowledge and were more in touch with the natural forces of our earth.


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