Flashback: Hillary Clinton (Jan. 25, 2011): ‘The Egyptian Government Is Stable’

Pregabalin to buy ukRemarks With Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez After Their Meeting (U.S. Department of State, Jan. 25, 2011):

http://yaneslab.com/2014/10/ SECRETARY CLINTON:

“With respect to Egypt, which, as your question implied, like many countries in the region, has been experiencing demonstrations. We know that they’ve occurred not only in Cairo but around the country, and we’re monitoring that very closely. We support the fundamental right of expression and assembly for all people, and we urge that all parties exercise restraint and refrain from violence. site rencontre entierment gratuit But our assessment is that the Egyptian Government is stable and is looking for ways to respond to the legitimate needs and interests of the Egyptian people.”

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