Possible Public Executions – Japan Idol Shows Massive Bruising In Hands

Possible public execution (Dec. 15, 2011):

Following up this article More bruises on Eastern Japanese

A Japanese idol Nakagawa shoko uploaded the picture of her hands, but the fingers look dark as bruise. (both hands)

Now some of her blog readers are trying to suggest her to check up for leukemia.

Leukemia causes internal bleeding to make bruises.


Reader comments at Fukushima Diary:

“When Nakagawa Shoko plays a game or cosplays, numerous articles appear everywhere. When she might be dying from radiation exposure, there’s only silence.

If it’s really from radiation, I wonder how long the media and government will continue to suppress the true cause of illness? How many will die before the end of this insanity?”

“There were 11 leukemia cases and many birth defects in a small community of 11000 people, located at Bukit Merah, Malaysia, the place where Mitsubishi operated their rare earth refinery.


I cannot imagine what would happened to the millions of people living in Tokyo constantly exposing themselves to hot particles.

Living in Tokyo or Japan is like playing a Russian Roulette.”

“Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic you

mean – dead on the first try!”



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