Precious Metals Plunge And India’s Industrial Production Crashes

Precious Metals Plunge And India’s Industrial Production Crashes (ZeroHedge, Dec. 12, 2011):

The metals space has had a rather disconcerting start to the week this evening with Silver and Copper dropping almost 2% from their opening levels and then Gold following suit. All this as the USD inches very gradually up tracking almost perfectly with Crude for now. These moves seem very liquidation-like in their velocity but have for now stabilized at the lows. The last few minutes saw some of the ugliest macro data we have seen in a while come out of India as it’s Industrial Production growth missed expectations by a mile falling to levels only seen in the middle of the global economic shutdown in Q1 2009. So another leg in the EM-will-save-us-all stool just got kicked out and still we are to believe the US will decouple and ‘muddle-through’?

The metals are ‘decoupling’ from oil for now and it was interesting that the reaction in Gold was ‘delayed’ a few hours on the simultaneous drop in Copper and Silver. They are extending their losses now after the India IP print…

ES is leaking back from its highs but is trading in a narrow range so far and maybe 3-4pts rich to broad risk assets for now.

Charts: Bloomberg

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