Ventura, CA Police Using Armored US Military Vehicles In The Streets

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Ventura, CA Police using armored vehicles in the streets (U.S.W.G.O., Nov. 10 , 2011):

Something you usually may only see in Baghdad or Iraq, militarized or tactical armored and weaponized vehicles during riots and wars, has now appeared in Downtown Ventura California. This does go along with the militarization of police across the country. The police don’t trust the American people anymore when they use armored vehicles with weapon firing ports in addition to their usual police cruisers.

Even when I was able to go inside several military bases with my grandpa (A veteran) none of them used armored tactical vehicles. Even the military police vehicles which I saw several were only police cruisers.

So why on earth is our local police using armored vehicles instead of regular police cruisers? Do they think Americans are going to shoot them, blow them up, or something? I thought America was a peaceful country where protests are peaceful. Military is not allowed in the United States due to Posse Comitatus Act. Maybe the militarization of our police force is a way to circumvent the Posse Comitatus Act since technically and legally the police aren’t the army.

The top section looks like a large machine gun can be mounted at the top where police can fire multiple bullets at suspects with large weapons just like in Good Ole Iraq the war zone. Either a big weapon or a sound cannon since those were used at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh.

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  1. It appears as if 1938 Germany is being revived. History repeating itself. This is the begining of the begining. The unrest of the people; demonstrations; if not military action, then National Guard action; police state action. Hang on for the ride, it’s going to be a wild one.

  2. Anyone that still thinks the USA is the land of the free has not been paying attention. It is quickly becoming a totalitarian theocracy. I am s happy to no longer be living there.

    I only hope I can get the rest of my family out before travel outside the country (and inside, too) is restricted.

  3. If people have any questions about whether or not our police are being set up as paramilitary forces, this should convince them differently. I personally am of the belief we may be getting set for a revolution in this country. 50/50 as far as ideologys’ deviding the country with about 30% of one side completely whacked.

    Tragedy is coming to American shores. Arm yourself and stockpile supplies and ammo as it could be really invaluable to your life and your family if my assumptions are right. A true shame………..bc

  4. In a note to James Smith; Do not under estimate the will of the American people. The Spirit is awakening slowly albeit but awakening just the same. I do not believe we Americans will sit back and allow our rights and freedoms to be taken from us. If they are it will be symbolically. Yet this spirit will remain and it will grow very bright. I for one will arm myself and be prepared to face ant enemy of the people who would subvert our country and or it’s citizens. There will be many more people with the same idea and we will prevail.

    I personally believe the fear you are expressing here. I have been afraid for a while. But I will not allow for my fear to be a detriment to defending my Country and the real Americans who will come after me……bc

  5. First off that is not military at all, that looks homemade to me, so I doubt it’s really for police use. Furthermore I am in the military and would never get in that because if you look at the “armor plating” and especially the gun port holes and windows none of it can withstand a bullet. The plates on an AAV or a Humvee is about an inch thick, this is like sheet metal. So the 2 white trash dudes(ones wearing fake body armor) standing to the left probably made it so again I doubt it’s for police use. Don’t make articles if you ware going to be ignorant please

  6. That vehicle is parked right out side of the JC Penny store, by the parking structure. Let’s get this right…….it does look very suspicious.


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