Telefonica’s ‘Alice’ Model Vanessa Hessler Fired After Speaking Her Truth About Libya And About Her Relationship With Mutassim Gaddafi

Can’t tell the truth:

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Here’s Alice: Ms Hessler is recognised across Germany, France and Italy as ‘Alice,’ the face of the German Telefonica company

American model fired after speaking about ‘passionate’ relationship with Gaddafi’s son (Daily Mail, Nov. 2, 2011):

The Italian-American ex-girlfriend of Mutassim Gaddafi has been fired from her lucrative role as the face of an international telecommunications company for speaking about her passionate love affair with the Libyan dictator’s son.

23-year-old model Vanessa Hessler, who spent much of her childhood in Washington, DC, told Italian magazine Diva e Donna that she had spent four years with Mutassim Gaddafi and that their relationship had been a ‘very beautiful love story.’

The 34-year-old died with his father outside the city of Sirte on October 21, bringing to an end Muammar Gaddafi’s 42-year regime.

The blonde model, who was born in Italy, said in the interview: ‘I didn’t have any contact with him since the uprising broke out, but our relationship was one of passion.’

Ms Hessler, who has appeared in campaigns for Georgio Armani, Calvin Klein and L’Oreal and has acted in several Italian TV shows, went on to say that she feels for the people of Libya.

‘We, France and the United Kingdom, financed the rebels but people don’t know what they are doing.

‘The Gaddafi family is not how they are being depicted, they are normal people,’ she told the magazine.

Far from being ‘normal,’ Mutassim Gaddafi met a violent end at the hands of Libyan rebels.

Officials initially said that Colonel Gaddafi’s fifth son was killed in a gun battle during the final push on Sirte in October. Conflicting accounts describe his capture after attempting to escape the city with his father.

Grainy images prove that he was indeed captured alive, but events leading to his death remain unclear. Just hours later, photos emerged of an apparently dead Mutassim, his neck and chest mortally wounded.

Chillingly at odds with the playboy image of the leader’s son, his bruised and bloody body was moved to a makeshift morgue in Misrata where it lay for public viewing until an unceremonious dawn burial in an unmarked grave on October 25.

The model’s largest client, German firm Telefonica, reacted to Ms Hessler’s comments immediately, publicly announcing the end of the business relationship by tweet.

A spokesman for the company wrote on Twitter: ‘Vanessa Hessler’s relationships are private business. However we cannot accept her comments on the Lybia [sic] conflict.’

Ms Hessler had been a household figure in Germany, France and Italy, where she is publicly known as ‘Alice,’ after gracing TV and billboard advertisements as the face of the multinational’s Alice internet service.

Telefonica’s Albert Fetsch said yesterday that ‘Vanessa Hessler has failed to distance herself from her comments on the conflict in Libya’ and that the model’s face would be removed from the company’s site within 24 hours.

Fans on the model’s Facebook page seemed undeterred by her support of the dictator’s family, heaping praise on her for ‘speaking honestly’ and ‘standing up for her beliefs.’

Many users, however, echo Telefonica’s position, weighing in with their criticism of the model’s poorly judged comments.

One, Lance VanOvermeiren, said: ‘This man and his family murdered hundreds of thousands of people… disgusting…’

Another, R. Gerrit Vanderwest, wrote on her Facebook wall: ‘Anyone who thinks the Qaddafi family is normal ignores the well-documented, long, tawdry, and criminal history of a tyrant.’

While Flora Mendoza wrote: ‘Gadhafi’s family, normal? I can understand you loved his son, but you need a serious reality check, woman!’

Born to an American father and an Italian mother, Ms Hessler moved to Washington, DC, when she was eight, returning to Italy to pursue a modelling career in 2002.

It is not known how she came to meet the Libyan despot’s son, or when the couple were together.

A known womaniser, Mutassim Gaddafi had a string of model girlfriends, including Talitha van Zon, who fled Libya in August after claiming that rebel soldiers had threatened to burn her alive.

Ms van Zon’s portrayal of the playboy contrasts starkly to the ‘normal people’ described by Ms Hessler.

Dutch Playboy cover star, Ms van Zon, dated Mutassim Gaddafi for three months in 2004 and had partied with the whiskey-lover the night before a Nato-led air attack on Tripoli in August.

Escaping with her life by leaping from a balcony after being ambushed, the injured model told the Telegraph that on her latest visit to Libya, Mutassim’s eyes were ‘cold,’ and that he looked capable of ‘killing someone.’

Mutassim’s playboy lifestyle was infamous – Ms van Zon said he had once told her how much his lavish way of life cost.

‘I asked him once how much he spent, and he took a minute to add it up in his head. He said ”about $2 million”. I said ”you mean a year?” He said ”no – a month.”‘

She told the newspaper that Mutassim was power-hungry, idolising leaders such as Adolf Hitler, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, and recalled how he longed for that kind of success.

Instead, he spent his life in the shadow of his older brother, Saif, who many considered to be Gaddafi’s heir.


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