Adya Clarity’s Top Distributor Issues Full Apology, Product Recall

Adya Clarity’s top distributor issues full apology, product recall (Natural News, Oct. 31, 2011):

Following days of shocking disclosures about the misleading labeling, fraudulent marketing and profiteering of a product called Adya Clarity, the product’s top distributor in North America, Raw Food World (Matt Monarch), has stepped forward to issue a full apology and a complete product recall.

Adya Clarity is a product made from inorganic minerals mined near Fukushima, Japan, then dissolved into sulfuric acid and bottled in the United States for sale as a dietary supplement promising to remove heavy metals from your brain, eliminate kidney stones, treat rheumatoid arthritis and many other health conditions, none of which were backed by clinical evidence (…). The aluminum content of the product had been intentionally hidden by the importer and manufacturer, Adya, Inc., which had also deceived Health Canada to acquire an NPN license as an “iron supplement” — a license which it proceeded to grossly violate (…).

An alarmingly high number of people across the raw food community were sucked in by the persuasive marketing of the product, which claimed it was “more valuable than gold” and could transmute harmful toxic metals into inert elements inside your body. NaturalNews interviewed several medical experts who established that the alarmingly high levels of iron and aluminum in the product presented a very serious risk of toxicity, especially for women who might consume the product while pregnant. (…)

After learning of this, Raw Food World founder Matt Monarch issued the following statement and product recall:

Statement of apology from Matt Monarch / Raw Food World

See the original post of this on at:…

Dear readers,

We have decided today to remove the Adya Clarity webinar from the web, remove Adya Clarity from our store, and to not carry this product from Adya, inc. again in the future. As stated already, we are offering full refunds to anyone who would like one.

Recently, my colleague Mike Adams from Natural News posted information about the possible dangers that this product could pose for a person’s health. This original article can be seen at the link below:…

First and foremost, I wish to make it clear that I would never intentionally sell a product knowing that it could cause harm to another human being. I did know that Adya Clarity contained Aluminum Sulfate as one component; I was led to believe by Adya, inc. and others that this mineral was harmless to the human body. I was given access to books, facts and many other pieces of evidence to back up the idea that aluminum sulfate is harmless to the human body in the proportions it is found in Adya Clarity.

I now feel that it would have been best for me to remove this item from our shelves immediately, in light of the new concerns people have been expressing about this product. I truly feel sorry now that I left the product on the shelves for another four days without removing it. Please understand that in no way was I trying to be “deceptive” here – I was doing what felt right to me and I have personally continued to put the recommended dosage of Adya Clarity into my water on a daily basis as usual. Still, I now feel that it would have been best for all involved if I had removed Adya Clarity from my store shelves immediately.

I always strive to bring people the best products that I possibly can, at the lowest cost possible, as demonstrated with the “At-Cost” specials that we offer every single month. As things stand, there is a standard ‘Minimum Advertised Price’ set for Adya Clarity, which forces me and all sellers of this product to not sell below the price of $150 per large bottle, yet I do now feel that I could have strived harder to serve you, the people, for less. I feel sadness about this pricing situation and apologize for charging the required high price for this product when the actual product cost is lower.

You may consider this message as a “recall” and again, please note that we are offering refunds on Adya Clarity for anyone who would like one.

I feel deeply saddened at this situation; please forgive me for not taking action sooner.

Over the recent months, you may have noticed a shift in my work, into new areas. I now feel like I have been following a track that I no longer wish to pursue and it feels like it is time for me to make some different shifts. If you continue to follow our work, which we sincerely hope you will, you will surely witness me moving back to my “old school” ways.

I offer my sincere apologies again and wish you all the very best for your health and well-being,

– Matt Monarch

6 thoughts on “Adya Clarity’s Top Distributor Issues Full Apology, Product Recall”

  1. Dear Matt,

    Thank you for your frank statement. Luckily I have not suffered any adverse effects, but I was beginning to wonder about it. You will see that I ordered
    6 large bottles of ADYA CLARITY from you. My account was debited with £434.42 on 15th August 2011. There is no point in returning the bottles to you.
    I would appreciate a full refund. Thank you.
    Ruth Klein

  2. Dear Matt, thank you for your humility and integrity in offering a full apology and refund. I have bought and given away all of the small bottles 8 in total mostly to some very sick people, I pray that none have been harmed by taking this.

    I firstly bought 1 large bottle and 2 small ones, followed by a second order for 3 large bootle and 6 free small ones. Without checking my Pay pal account I’m not sure how much I paid but guess you will UK.

    Thank you for your help and I look forward to seeing my Pay Pal account debited with the cost.

    Yours sincerely,

    Anne Cleall

  3. Hi Matt,

    I have now checked my Pay Pal account and see I paid £381.21 in total, I dont’t know what happened to my first message but I see quite a bit of it is missing.

    Yours sincerely,

    Anne Cleall

  4. Thank you for your care and concern and certainly I can understand why all this nonsense is so frightening.
    Please take a minute to see the truth too.

    Unfortunately, some disgruntled people who had been previously involved with Adya Inc. allegedly got together to essentially, from what I’ve been lead to understand, wage a corporate attack on Adya.

    All the accusations are completely 100% false. Please rest assured that your product is completely and totally the wonderful Adya we all love.

    I would never sell anything that would harm someone.

    Below there is TONS of information showing how all accusations are false.

    Here are all the responses:
    Official Statement from Adya Inc.:
    Latest press release:
    About the Aluminum scare:

    Adya Inc. has just received notification that Canada has issued 2 new Natural Product Numbers for Themarox and for Adya Clarity. They say that it is safe to take up to 7 ½ teaspoons of Adya Clarity a day for adults. Now we can officially/legally publish supershot directions!

    The issuances of these numbers knocks the accusations of Mike Adams, completely out of the water. It can be put to rest once and for all. It is impossible for Mike to maintain any of his accusations in light of this announcement.

    It is very hard to obtain a Natural Product Number from Canada. The cost to even apply for one is $25,000. Even after paying this amount, you are not assured you will obtain one. We received two separate NPN’s for the price of one! The official Product License Issuance Letter and the two NPN Product Information
    Also, I found this article, you may be interested in reading:

    Also, do people really think that if there was an issue with the product, the FDA wouldn’t have closed Adya Inc. by now (after more than a month???!!), hmmm….

    Adya Inc. is here to stay.
    Please let me know any questions or concerns you have further.

    We are here for you!

    Thank you kindly.


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