Breaking News: Resident Of ‘Minami Soma Shi’ Has Severe Internal Radiation Exposure

Breaking News: A citizen of Minami soma shi turned out to have had severe internal exposure (Fukushima Diary, August 11, 2011):

8/3/2011,on the TV show “News Watch 9″ of NHK,they report that people from Minami soma shi had whole body counter check.

On the TV show,camera caught one of the result sheets.

It reads,

Cs-137 129,746 Bq + Cs-134 122,676 Bq = 252,422 Bq/kg

The person has had a severe internal exposure.

Minami soma shi is south to Fukushima nuclear plant,about 30km area.

3/12,SPEEDI forecast plumes would fly to there,which was concealed by the government.

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