Filed Under Exponential … The US Debt Limit Charts

Filed Under Exponential (ZeroHedge, July 31, 2011):

By now everyone has seen this, as it has been posted on Zero Hedge about n+1 times. And if the haven’t, they should.

They should also see this. We will shortly update where this chart will be by the 2012 election, somewhere around 120% of GDP.

And for those requesting it, here again is the log scale chart.

Source: NYT

2 thoughts on “Filed Under Exponential … The US Debt Limit Charts”

  1. Very clear and very sorrowful reality expressed in lines and dots here. As the Pan Eurasian Alliances in the East are gelled, closer now than ever to forming a Pan Eurasian Empire, pushed by the Israeli threats to “pull the trigger” of the American nuclear arsenal on their continent. We see an American President unable even to chastise the Israelis for fear of political reactions at home, and so for the peace and security of one man’s political position, all Asians are subjected to grave danger. Even as we speak, a unifying Russian effort moves ‘the big guns” into place, further consolidating this vast land mass into a Super-Power, far stronger than the American Empire ever hoped to be. All the while, American industries seek comfort and economic security in Asia as the U.S. Feds provide a “controlled demolition” of the U.S. dollar and the subsequent rape of all that Americans hold in “paper” value. Watch closely now, the transfer of the American riches to powerful Yuan, as Capitalists race to Asian markets, Asian investments, Asian currencies, and Asian factories – Even the mighty American Ford Motor Company of U.S. of A, is in the process of building Three Ultra-Modern, Super Factories, deigned to be operated by 98 pound Asian women, in China. You don’t believe? You Google, You see. In decades, U.S. military/industrial complex will not only serve as mercenaries for the Saudis but also the Chinese. Iran, China’s “gasoline tank” to be ‘depopulated” of Islamic radicals. making way for Chinese hordes, as was Tibet, as America took orders from the “communist central planning committee” to “Stand Down” and did so on threat of losing their precious U.S. dollar, paying only “lip Service” to the Dali lama, now that China holds the balance of power over U.S. currency. Does the U.S. sometimes serve its masters by doing nothing? Are China’s purse strings responsible for the puppet show in the U.S. government houses? Who stands to profit most from war in U.S.? Make a list public?


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