Blogger Assaulted And Threatened By Undercover Cop

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This blog is a repository of documentation regarding the death of judicial activist Sun Ming (Sunny) Sheu, and the cover up by law enforcement including the FBI, NYPD and Queens DA.

Author of this blog assaulted and threatened by undercover cop (The Murder of Sunny Sheu, June 29, 2011):

Today, June 29th, I spoke with a reporter from BI for two hours and then left for his office to give him some information I did not want to discuss on the phone.

Outside I noticed a silver van with nobody in it illegally parked across the street from my building. Sunny had been surveilled by a silver van in the days before his murder, so to be cautious I photographed the plates.

The NY plates are number DMC 9287. Then I noticed that there was Police parking plate in the window, showing that the cop was from the 81rst precinct, which is in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

As I was taking the pictures a guy in a Yankees cap approached me and asked “you got a problem?”. I said,”The van is parked illegally” ,and he replied “well, talk to the cop over there” I looked in the direction he was pointing and asked “who’s the cop?”. To my surprise he said “your fucking mother!” I said “what?” and he repeated “your fucking mother”.

I realized this was the cop from the van. I asked “who are you?” and raised my phone to take a picture. The guy lunged at me and grabbed me by the neck, throwing me against the building. “You take a fucking picture of me and I’ll fucking crush your face” he said. A woman and some kids were walking by and I yelled “call the police” The guy yelled mockingly “yeah call the police”, to let me know that they would not interfere with their own.

As I walked away, he yelled, “you take a fucking picture of me and I’ll fucking kill you!”. I was able to get the info of a witness. To my surprise, he did not steal or smash my camera. I do not think he realized that I got clear pictures of his plates and a blurred picture of him.

When he released me and I walked away, he yelled, “you take a fucking picture of me and I’ll fucking kill you!”. I was able to get the info of a witness. To my surprise, he did not steal or smash my camera. I do not think he realized that I got clear pictures of his plates and a blurred picture of him.

I have no question that this cop was surveilling me because of my involvement with the Sunny case. He may have been casing my building for a way to get in. There is no question that many very bad people want me dead. Sunny was killed for exposing financial corruption. I have exposed murder.

They killed Sunny partly to stop his investigation of Golia and partly to send a warning to the public that you can’t fight corruption. If I and a few other people hadn’t acted when Sunny was killed, everything would have worked out for these murderers, but with all the evidence in my possession, I could not be silent. Sunny made a video telling the world that he might be murdered by the NYPD, and he was, so I will not tempt that consequence by saying the same.

The question for the authorities regarding me is: “what is the downside to killing Will Galison?” and the only possible answer is that if Galison dies, there will be riots, and protests, and outrage, and political heads will roll, figuratively and perhaps literally.

Otherwise it’s a no-brainer.

I ask my friends and colleagues: what would it take to bring you to the streets? My death? Your friend’s death?, Your lover’s death? Your child’s death? Sunny was a dear friend, but he did not have a big enough sphere of friends to make problems for the cops when they killed him. He had no family, few professional colleagues and few friends. My waving a sign in protest would not have helped, but what I did help do was to bring his murder to the attention of the world.

I am asking on you, my friends and colleagues, to help assure my safety. If YOU, my friends, and your friends, DO NOTHING, I or someone else in my position will be killed and the terror will grow more powerful and universal until we all find ourselves in a police state, with no freedom and no recourse. Then it will be too late.

Like Sunny, I cannot go to the NYPD. I cannot go to the FBI, or my political representatives. Been there, done that.

Thank God the alternative press is still able and willing to bring this case into the public eye. Fortunately for me, unlike Sunny I also have friends in high government positions (and even in the NYPD) who will do what they can to make sure there is a high price for my assassination.

I will be making a video, and I will be sending around a petition for an independent counsel investigation of Sunny’s murder. I will also press assault charges against the cop who threw me against the wall and threatened my life. My main line of defense is to get ALL the information about Sunny out to the world as fast as possible, so that killing me will have less upside.

I have of course copied all the video, audio and documentary evidence to various people, and posted all the most important stuff on this blog:

So if the corrupt scum that killed sunny are reading this; the cat is out of the bag, and harming me would be all downside and no upside.

I thank you all in advance for working with me to get justice for Sunny and to keep me alive.

first step- SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!!! Meanwhile, I promise to take care. I don’t want to be a martyr or a dead hero, I want to make music. I’m actually having a good time here. But we all have to draw the line somewhere.

Will Galison PS: no need or desire for letters of sympathy or concern.

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