Impeach Obama OpEd Banned by The Hill Newspaper

Impeach Obama OpEd Banned by The Hill Newspaper (ALIPAC, June 30, 2011):

On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, “The Hill,” Washington, DC, political newspaper, requested an op-ed piece from ALIPAC for their publication in response to our national press release calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. We provided the following piece per their request and even edited it once per their request. We then received the following message from The Hill….

“Sorry, but we’re going to have to pass on this piece. Its tone is
inappropriate for the Congress Blog.” — Jake Interrante,

Below you can read the entire piece that has been banned by The Hill. We have instructed The Hill that we plan to release this document and that we will no longer conduct interviews with their reporters should they call as they have many times in the past.

We encourage concerned Americans to share this op-ed piece with others and to send copies to Congress so they may read it despite the ban of this article.

Calling for the Impeachment of President Barack Obama

June 28, 2011

by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Today our national organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) has taken the difficult step of publicly calling on Congress to impeach or use any means at their disposal to stop President Obama and remove him from the Executive Branch of the US Government as soon as possible…

We are calling on Americans of every race, political party, and walk of life to unite behind this call for the impeachment of President Obama. All Americans who believe in the US Constitution, laws of Congress, and self-governance of Americans through elections should stand up against the recent authoritarian and unjust actions of President Obama.

Congressional investigations have revealed that the Executive Branch of our government has been arming the drug cartel groups that are bringing in most of the addictive drugs and illegal aliens into America. Via Obama’s Justice Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), thousands of assault rifles have been delivered to the smugglers, while Obama’s administration has claimed American gun rights should be abridged to stop American arms falling into the same hands to which the ATF helped deliver them!

This scandal is called Operation Gunrunner, Gun Walker, or Fast and Furious. ATF agents on the ground in Arizona were ordered by higher ups in the Obama administration to abandon surveillance of suspicious gun purchases for months, which allowed as many as 2,000 assault and Barrett .50 caliber rifles to go into the hands of the drug and illegal-alien-importing cartels that have killed millions of Americans with their addictive cargo. These cartels have used guns obtained under Operation Fast and Furious in their murders of tens of thousands of Mexican citizens.

Congressional hearings confirm that our American border patrol agents, police officers, and citizens now face assault rifles in the hands of murderous mobsters provided by the Obama administration.

Supposedly, the practice of letting assault rifles freely walk into Mexico ended when US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered with two of these guns, but how many thousands of Mexican and American citizens have also been killed with these guns provided to the smugglers by Obama’s regime? These guns keep showing up at murder scenes in Mexico.

ALIPAC has a complete collection of articles related to this scandal online for your review at…

And, as if Obama’s treason against the US Constitution, existing federal laws, Congress, and American public could not be clearer, Obama’s ICE Director John Morton issued a memo on June 17th to all ICE Field Office Directors, Special Agents-in-Charge, and all Chief Counsel, authorizing them to decline to remove illegal aliens who meet the qualifications for Amnesty under the DREAM Act Amnesty, which Congress has rejected many times.

While not as formal as an Executive Order, Obama has ordered Amnesty for illegal aliens which has not been ratified by Congress.

In fact, the American public and Congress have defeated both Comprehensive and Dream Act Amnesty eight times in the last six years!

Certified polls conducted by Rasmussen Reports and others show that American citizens reject these amnesties by a margin of at least two to one!

Even if you are of the minority opinion that illegal aliens should receive some form of Amnesty for their crimes against America, surely my fellow Americans would not support authoritarian decrees issued by a US President acting like a king.

It was wrong when Bush did it and it is wrong when Obama does it.

This is America. Our citizens are supposed to be in control of our nation. That is clearly not the case when the Executive Branch provides guns to invading armies of smugglers and decrees Amnesty for illegal aliens without congressional or public approval.

Congress must act, and act swiftly and decisively. Obama has proven that he is unfit to be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States. If Congress does not take action to stop these abuses of power, the invasion of America, and the murder of US Citizens with the help of our own President, then we must take to the streets to demand action.

For years we have been asking people to speak out, to vote, to call and write Congress, and to support candidates. Today we have learned that all of these civic actions are to no avail and that Americans are trapped in an authoritarian nation where elections, our Congress, the Constitution, and existing federal laws mean naught to presidents acting more as kings than executors of the laws of our citizens.

This is our nation, paid for with the lives, blood, sweat, and taxes of our forebears, and together we must unify behind the rules and principles that once made America the greatest nation on earth.

Our government must respond to American citizens on these demands or we must make plans to alter or abolish it and its despicable debts. Congress must impeach, charge, or use any means at its disposal to correct the wrongful actions of President Barack Obama.


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