Even In Shutdown Mode Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Requires Electricity To Avoid Melting Of The Core

An aerial view of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant in eastern Nebraska, surrounded by Missouri River flood waters on June 24.

Waters Encircle Nuclear Plant (Wall Street Journal, June 27, 2011):

A protective berm holding back floodwaters from a Nebraska nuclear power plant collapsed early Sunday after it was accidentally torn, surrounding containment buildings and key electrical equipment with Missouri River overflow.

The berm’s collapse allowed floodwaters to wash around the main electrical transformers. As a result, emergency diesel power generators were started. Later in the day, power was restored.

The NRC’s Mr. Dricks said temperature monitors were working properly and temperatures of key parts of the nuclear power plant were normal. Water has not seeped into any of the containment structures, he said.

Even when in shutdown mode, a nuclear plant requires electricity to keep key components cool in order to avoid any degradation or melting of the core that could result in the release of radiation.

Flood Berm Collapses At Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant After Being Punctured By Some Sort Of Machinery

Flood berm bursts at Nebraska nuclear plant (CNN, June 27, 2011):

A water-filled berm protecting a nuclear power plant in Nebraska from rising floodwaters collapsed Sunday, according to a spokesman, who said the plant remains secure.

Some sort of machinery came in contact with the berm, puncturing it and causing the berm to deflate, said Mike Jones, a spokesman for the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD), which owns the Fort Calhoun plant.

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Fukushima: Melted Nuclear Fuel Sinking Toward Ground And Sea Water

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Prof. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University: Molten Cores Gone Through Bottom Of Containers, Sinking Into The Earth – We Have To Build Subterranean Dam To Prevent Groundwater Contaminated With Radioactive Materials From Leaking Into The Ocean

The Massive Fukushima Media Cover-Up – ‘There Has Been Massive Entry Of Radiation Into The Groundwater In Fukushima And That Will Simply Spread Throughout The Water Table In The Area Of Northern Japan’ (Video)

Dilution of radioactive materials at sea is no solution to nuke-plant crisis (Mainichi, June 27, 2011):

Whispers have emerged that Prime Minister Naoto Kan is prepared to dissolve the House of Representatives and face a general election over the issue of whether Japan should abolish nuclear power. To me, mere talk of such an issue is the ultimate example of the blurred vision at Japan’s political center.

There is nothing wrong with asking the public whether nuclear power is right or not, but now is a time of national emergency — a time when officials should be putting full effort into bringing the nuclear crisis in Fukushima under control and preventing environmental contamination. There isn’t time now to leisurely debate mid- and long-term government policies, haggle over the dissolution of the chamber and become engrossed in election campaign strategies.

The reason for the situation comes from politicians’ delusion, grounded in their idea that the nuclear crisis is somehow being brought under control, and that the effects from radioactive material are minimal. But the fact is, the situation at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant isn’t returning to normal. And we still don’t know just how much damage environmental pollution from the crisis will inflict on people and their DNA. There is no proof anywhere that this pollution will be harmless.

Some of the reactors at the nuclear power plant have melted down, and the melted nuclear fuel is sinking toward water under the ground. An underground barrier is needed to stop water that becomes contaminated from flowing into the sea. Experts have pointed out the urgency of the situation and the government supports the idea, but Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the operator of the crisis-hit nuclear plant, is saying “wait.”

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Top Tory Christopher Shale, A Close Friend Of British PM Cameron, Found Dead In VIP Toilet at Glastonbury Festival

Top Tory found dead at Glastonbury (Belfast Telegraph, June 27, 2011):

Detectives are hoping toxicology results will shed light on the death riddle of a senior Tory in a Glastonbury Festival VIP toilet.

Christopher Shale, 56, a close friend of David Cameron, was discovered slumped in a cubicle in the backstage area on Sunday morning. The Prime Minister’s constituency chairman had been reported as missing by worried family members at 900-acre Worthy Farm on Saturday.

It is feared his body may have lain undiscovered for up to 10 hours.

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Return Our Dogs, TEPCO Demands After Man Saves 2 Dogs At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Return our dogs, TEPCO demands (The Australian, June 28, 2011):

A MAN who snatched two dogs to safety from the grounds of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has revealed the plant’s disgraced operator TEPCO later rang him to assert ownership over them.

The Australian yesterday revealed the story of animal rescue “guerilla” Hiroshi Hoshi’s mission to the plant to grab two Japanese Shiba dogs spotted wandering around on a webcam trained on the facility.

Yesterday, Mr Hoshi said one of the plant’s managers, who called himself Mr Igarashi, made a “ghoulish and bizarre” phone call to him soon after he rescued the dogs, suggesting they had become company property.

“He sounded that those dogs actually belong to TEPCO, because they were found at privately owned area of the plant,” Mr Hoshi told The Australian.

“We will never give them away — we are the guardians of those two dogs.”

The dogs, thought to be sisters, were first seen at the plant earlier this month, three months after the nuclear accident, and were found to have absorbed significant amounts of radiation.

Nevertheless, they have been given a clean bill of health and were given to a couple in Yokohama.

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Dylan Ratigan Show With Ron Paul: End War Profits and Corporatism!

Added: 24.06.2011

(Flashback) Obama: ‘I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.’

“I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.“
– Barack Obama Campaign Promise – October 27, 2007

Japan Government To Offer Fukushima Seafood To Developing Nations

#Radiation in Japan: Government Wants to Offer Japan’s Seafood to Developing Nations (EX-SKF, June 26, 2011):

As part of the ODA (Official Development Assistance) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a host of aid programs for developing nations around the world, the Japanese national government is going to buy up processed seafood [canned fish, for example?] from the earthquake-affected areas and offered them to developing nations.

It’s not clear whether these seafood packages will be free or they will make the developing nations pay, even a token amount. But don’t worry, says Nikkei Shinbun, they will be first tested for radiation by the WFP (UN’s World Food Program).

From Kyodo News Japanese (6/26/2011):

政 府開発援助(ODA)配分など2011年度の国際協力重点方 針案が26日、判明した。東日本大震災被災地の水産加工食品などを購入して途上国に提供するなど、国際社会にも「開かれた復興に資するためのODA活用を 最優先課題とする」と明記。被災地に外国人研修員を積極的に受け入れることで風評被害防止にも取り組むとした。

The government plan for the international aid programs for the 2011 fiscal year [that started in April 1] became known on June 26, which include the Official Development Assistance (ODA). The plan states that the government will purchase the processed seafood from the areas affected by the March 11 earthquake and offer them to developing nations, and that “it will make it the utmost priority to utilize the ODA for the recovery open to the international community”. Under the plan, the government will also accept more foreign “trainees” in the affected areas to counter the baseless rumors [of radiation contamination].

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TEPCO Uses Treated Water To Cool Reactors (Reactors? What Reactors?)

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Cooling of Reactors Using Treated Water to Start June 27 PM (EX-SKF, June 26, 2011):

(Reactors? What reactors?)

According to Yomiuri Shinbun (1:25AM JST 6/27/2011), TEPCO says the water treated by the contaminated water treatment system will be used to cool the reactors at Reactors 1, 2 and 3, starting June 27 afternoon.

TEPCO so far has 1500 tonnes of treated water. The run rate is about 500 tonnes per day, although in the past week or so they have reduced to less than 400 tonnes per day to prevent the overflow.

Just in time for their annual shareholders’ meeting, which will be held on June 28.

And never mind that the corium may not be in the so-called (broken) reactors any more. “Extend and Pretend”, which has worked for TEPCO and the Japanese government for the past 3 months.

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Woman Arrested After Allegedly Spraying Deputies With Breast Milk

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Spraying Deputies With Breast Milk (WBNS-10TV, June 27, 2011):

DELAWARE, Ohio — A woman faces several charges after she allegedly sprayed deputies with breast milk as they tried to detain her over the weekend.

The incident occurred early Saturday morning near the Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center on Sawmill Parkway.

According to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were called to the area after receiving calls about a domestic dispute. When they arrived, a man told them that he had been attending a wedding at the facility with his wife, who had gotten drunk and struck him several times before locking herself in a car.

Delaware County Sheriff Walter L. Davis III said deputies tried to talk with the woman, who was identified as Stephanie Robinette, 30, of Westerville, but she refused to cooperate.

“When deputies attempted to remove Robinette from the vehicle, she advised the deputies that she was a breast feeding mother and proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying deputies and the vehicle with her breast milk,” Davis said.

The deputies were eventually able to remove Robinette from the car and arrest her, Davis said.

She was later charged with domestic violence, assault, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, authorities said.

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Fukushima Residents Urine Now Radioactive, Measures More Than 3 Millisieverts

Fukushima residents’ urine now radioactive (Japan Times/Kyodo, June 27, 2011)

More than 3 millisieverts of radiation has been measured in the urine of 15 Fukushima residents of the village of Iitate and the town of Kawamata, confirming internal radiation exposure, it was learned Sunday.

Both are about 30 to 40 km from the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, which has been releasing radioactive material into the environment since the week of March 11, when the quake and tsunami caused core meltdowns.

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Greece: ‘A Sovereign Debt Crisis of Sophoclean Dimensions’ – It’s Not Only Greeks Who’ve Lost Their Marbles

It’s not only Greeks who’ve lost their marbles (Telegraph, June 26, 2011):

The essence of ancient Greek tragedy is that the audience knows it will end in disaster, but feels compelled to watch the horror unfold. And so it is with the modern version, a sovereign debt crisis of Sophoclean dimensions. Themes of the great dramatist’s finer works are all there: how arrogance, pride and deception result in unbearable pain; the inevitability of retribution and (not yet witnessed in Athens or Brussels) the arrival of wisdom through suffering.

Tomorrow, Greek MPs are scheduled to vote on a fresh austerity package. If it’s passed, the country will receive the next 12 billion euros of a 110 billion euro bail-out. Sadly, this is little more than a financial hors d’oeuvre. Still required is an additional 100 billion euro deal if Greece is to remain solvent until 2013. In effect, the country is borrowing enormous sums to service existing debts, which it cannot afford to repay. As Sophocles reminds us, when divine and human purposes conflict, the gods will always prevail. In this case, Athena, the deity of endeavour and reason, is deeply offended by Olympian self-indulgence. The upshot will not be a miraculous economic recovery, but a spectacular flame-out. As far as Greece is concerned, there is no deus ex machina. The tragic denouement will involve its default or withdrawal from the single currency, perhaps both.

Greece is bust; it already owes 160 per cent of its GDP. Its economy is staggeringly inefficient. Many in the public sector enjoy retirement at 50 and pensions close to full final salary. The private sector is blighted by corruption. The tax-collecting system operates on the basis of a tips box, with only 5,000 Greeks admitting to an income of more than 100,000 euros. When in January 2001 the country flagged its intention to ditch the drachma for the euro, the then prime minister, Costas Simitis, promised: “Our inclusion [in the eurozone] ensures for us greater stability and opens up new horizons”. That was the comedy.

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Fukushima MOX Reactor No. 3 Radiation Levels Even Higher Than June 8 Readings

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CNN Covers Japanese MSM Blackout On MOX fuel And Plutonium, ‘A Substance So Toxic That A Teaspoon-Sized Cube Would Suffice To Kill 10 Million People’

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor 3’s Radiation Remains High (EX-SKF, June 26, 2011):

2 Packbots from iRobot were apparently accompanied by 5 carbon-based workers and entered the Reactor 3’s reactor building to take the radiation measurement on June 24.

The result was announced on June 25 by TEPCO, and the radiation level remains high. At many places it was higher than in the previous survey which was done on June 8.

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TEPCO Halts Decontaminated Water Cooling Because Of Leaky Pipes

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Fukushima: Radioactive Water Decontamination Restart Not In Sight, Water Storage Facilities To Overflow Around July 5th

Fukushima: Possibly Zero Or Little Water Left Inside Reactor No. 2

Fukushima: Unmanned Helicopter Crash Lands On Roof Of Reactor No. 2

The Fukushima Fuku-Ups Continue: Robot Fail, HoverDrone Fail, Water Decon Fail – OK for Ft Calhoun Spent Fuel Dry Cask To Be Dunked

TEPCO halts water circulation due to leaks (NHK, June 27, 2011):

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has suspended using decontaminated water as a coolant because of leaky pipes.

Tokyo Electric Power Company began circulating recycled water through the No.1, 2 and 3 reactors at 4:20 PM on Monday.

But it halted the operation one and a half hours later after discovering water leaking from the pipes.

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Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant: Floodwater Seeps Into Turbine Building At Nebraska Nuke Station

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant: Flood Seeps Into Turbine Building At Nebraska Nuke Station (Huffington Post, June 27, 2011):

OMAHA — Missouri River floodwater seeped into the turbine building at a nuclear power plant near Omaha on Monday, but plant officials said the seepage was expected and posed no safety risk because the building contains no nuclear material.

An 8-foot-tall, water-filled temporary berm protecting the plant collapsed early Sunday. Vendor workers were at the plant Monday to determine whether the 2,000 foot berm can be repaired.

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NRC In 2010: Floods Above 1010 Feet Had A 100 Percent Chance Of Core Meltdown At Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant – Now: Missouri River Reaches Height Of Nearly 1,007 Feet

A Nuclear Plant’s Flood Defenses Trigger a Yearlong Regulatory Confrontation (New York Times, June 24, 2011):

Pictures of the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant north of Omaha, Neb., show it encircled by the swollen waters of the Missouri River, which reached a height of nearly 1,007 feet above sea level at the plant yesterday.

The plant’s defenses include new steel gates and other hard barriers protecting an auxiliary building with vital reactor controls, and a water-filled berm 8 feet tall that encircles other parts of the plant. Both systems are designed to hold back floodwaters reaching 1,014 feet above sea level. Additional concrete barriers and permanent berms, more sandbags and another power line into the plant have been added. The plant was shut down in April for refueling and will remain so until the flood threat is passed.

“Today the plant is well positioned to ride out the current extreme Missouri River flooding while keeping the public safe,” Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Victor Dricks said on an agency blog this week.

But a year ago, those new defenses were not in place, and the plant’s hard barriers could have failed against a 1,010-foot flood, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission contends in a yearlong inspection and enforcement action against the plant’s operator, the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD).

The NRC in Action at Fort Calhoun (Monthly Review, June 27, 2011):

The Union of Concerned Scientists often complains about Nuclear Regulatory Commission inaction — the agency’s failure to enforce its regulations prohibiting unmonitored and uncontrolled releases of radioactively contaminated water, the agency’s tolerance of four dozen reactors operating in violation of fire protection regulations, and so on.

Today, we commend the NRC in action.

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Now Male Libido Is Plunging In Ireland

Get a boost of energy:

Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Revolution is the Only Answer (For Greece, Ireland etc.)

Now Male Libido Is Plunging In Ireland (Business Insider, Jun. 26, 2011):

A MAJOR IRISH relationship counselling service has said that sex – or the lack of it – is a factor in around one-third of the couples who seek their help.

Counsellors with Relationships Ireland say that, anecdotally, they are finding a loss of male libido has also become an increasing problem reported to them in the past two years.

Lisa O’Hara, counsellor with the service, told TheJournal.ie:

Nearly 30 per cent of clients who attend for counselling with MRCS/Relationships Ireland will mention that sex (or lack of it) is part of their problem. In the last two years especially, there seems to be an increase in lack of desire for men in particular, which is contrary to the common belief that women have a lower sex drive than men.

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Radioactive Strontium Found Three Miles Off Fukushima Coast In Ocean Soil

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Radioactive Strontium from Ocean Soil Off the Plant (EX_SKF, June 25, 2011):

Strontium-89 and strontium-90 have been detected in soil and ocean water, but for the first time they have been detected in ocean soil 3 kilometers off the coast where Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is located. The samples from 2 locations were taken on June 2.

The Ministry of Education and Science have announced the detection of radioactive cesium from the ocean soil, but has been silent about strontium.

Strontium-89 (half-life 51 days) was detected at 140 becquerels/kg at one location (off Minami-Soma City), 42 becquerels/kg at the other (off Naraha-machi). Strontium-90 (half-life 29 year) was detected at 44 becquerels/kg at one location, 10 becquerels/kg at the other.

There is no safety standard set for radioactive strontium. The amount detected in regular sampling surveys from 1999 to 2008 at Fukushima II (not I) was ND (not detected) to 0.17 becquerel/kg.

The survey also detected a minute amount of plutonium-239+plutonium-240.

Clearly, no one cares any more in Japan. No major news outlet carried the news, not at least on line. The only paper that carried this news was the Japan Communist Party’s newspaper, Akahata (red flag).

Here’s TEPCO’s press release on June 25, 2011:

Google Gets Driverless Car Law Passed In Nevada

Google gets driverless car law passed in Nevada (PhysOrg, June 24, 2011):

(PhysOrg.com) — The savvy among you may remember that back in May we told you about Google’s attempts to get the Nevada state legislature to consider allowing users to driver UGV, or unmanned ground vehicles, that are more popularly know as self-driving cars on the states roads. At the time it seemed like an interesting notion and a bit of a pipe dream.

As it turns out dreams become real for the search giant quickly. The Nevada state legislature has just passed has just passed a bill, Assembly Bill No. 511, that does two things. First, the law allows the Nevada Department of Transportation to create rules and regulations regarding the use of self-driving cars, so that they can be used legally on the road. The second part of the law requires the Nevada state Department of Transportation to designate areas in which these vehicles can be tested.

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World Wealth Report: World’s Wealthiest People Richer Than Before The Credit Crunch!

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Americans’ Equity In Their Homes Near Record Low

Who Is Making $7.7 Billion In Profits, Pays No Taxes And Gets $4.7 Billion From the US Government On Top Of it?

20 Facts About US Inequality That Everyone Should Know (With An Update On The Uber-Wealthy And Global Wealth Inequality)

US Inequality Charts

Federal Reserve Gave Banks Crisis Gains on SECRETIVE Loans as Low as 0.01%

Presenting The Fed’s Slogan: ‘Making It Harder To Feed Your Family For 98 Years And Counting’ – At This Rate, The Dollar Will Have Negative Purchasing Power In UNDER 10 Years

World’s wealthiest people now richer than before the credit crunch (Guardian, June 22, 2011):

World Wealth Report reveals soaring numbers of rich individuals in Asia Pacific region – but slower growth in Britain
• Read highlights from the report here

(Click on image to enlarge.)

We are not all in this together. The UK economy is flat, the US is weak and the Greek debt crisis, according to some commentators, is threatening another Lehman Brothers-style meltdown. But a new report shows the world’s wealthiest people are getting more prosperous – and more numerous – by the day.

The globe’s richest have now recouped the losses they suffered after the 2008 banking crisis. They are richer than ever, and there are more of them – nearly 11 million – than before the recession struck.

In the world of the well-heeled, the rich are referred to as “high net worth individuals” (HNWIs) and defined as people who have more than $1m (£620,000) of free cash.

According to the annual world wealth report by Merrill Lynch and Capgemini, the wealth of HNWIs around the world reached $42.7tn (£26.5tn) in 2010, rising nearly 10% in a year and surpassing the peak of $40.7tn reached in 2007, even as austerity budgets were implemented by many governments in the developed world.

The report also measures a category of “ultra-high net worth individuals” – those with at least $30m rattling around, looking for a home. The number of individuals in this super-rich bracket climbed 10% to a total of 103,000, and the total value of their investments jumped by 11.5% to $15tn, demonstrating that even among the rich, the richest get richer quicker. Altogether they represent less than 1% of the world’s HNWIs – but they speak for 36% of HNWI’s total wealth.

Age also helps: more than eight out of 10 of the world’s wealthiest people are aged over 45. So does being male: women account for just over a quarter of the total – though this is slightly higher than in 2008. The highest proportion of wealthy women is in North America – 37% of HNWIs – while the lowest is in the Middle East, which has 14%.

Generally, HNWIs are most concentrated in the US, Japan and Germany: 53% of the world’s most wealthy live in one of those three countries, but it is Asian-Pacific countries where the ranks of the rich are swelling fastest. For the first time last year the region surpassed Europe in terms of HNWI individuals.

This scale of wealth of the richest people in Asia Pacific – fuelled by the fast-growing economies in China and India – is now threatening to overtake North America, where the value of the wealth rose more slowly – 9% – to reach $11.6tn.

The richest people in the Asia-Pacific region have also fared better since the crisis. Their wealth is now up 14.1% since 2007 while individuals in North America and Europe are yet to recoup the losses they suffered during the banking crisis.

Britain is lagging behind in the league of affluence – it has not yet enjoyed a return to pre-crisis levels of wealth as sluggish economic growth holds back prospects. The growth in the number of rich individuals in the UK was among the slowest in the top 10 nations, showing a 1.4% rise to 454,000 and remaining below the 495,000 recorded in 2007.

The report said that while the UK stock market rose almost 30% and GDP grew 1.3% – after contracting by 4.9% in 2009 – the fortunes of the rich were held back by falling house prices and the rise in unemployment. Their prospects might improve next year, however. “Construction spending for the 2012 London Olympics is expected to help propel the economy and the housing market recovery,” the report said.

The 1.4% rise in the number of rich people in Britain compares with a 7.2% rise in Germany and 8.3% in the US – where there are 3.1m HNWIs – and the 3.4% rise in France.

India moved into the top 12, with a 20.8% rise to 153,000, for the first time, while Italy, 10th in the table, endured a contraction in the number of wealthy people from 190,000 to 170,000.

The performance of investments made by wealthy individuals in shares and commodities, and their willingness to take more risks, helps drive their wealth, which in turn fuels “passion” purchases of multimillionaire must-haves, ranging from Ferraris to diamonds, art and fine wines. Demand for such luxuries is especially high among the growing number of wealthy individuals in the emerging markets.

The report warns of problems for this year, saying “the path to global recovery will likely be uneven and various risks remain”.

It added: “The global effects of the financial crisis receded in 2010 but aftershocks still materialised in many forms, including the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the growing burden of a gaping fiscal deficit in the US. These types of shocks showed the fragility of the economic recovery and could still pose an obstacle to growth in 2011”.

The pace of growth in the wealthy has returned to a “more sustainable pace” since last year’s report, when there was a 17% rise in the number of HNWIs to 10 million, reaching pre-crisis levels.

EPA Delays Boiler Regulations by One Year, Puts Thousands of Lives at Risk

EPA Delays Boiler Regulations by One Year, Puts Thousands of Lives at Risk (EARTHJUSTICE, June 24, 2011):

With new timeline for boiler health protections, EPA endangers lives and flouts court’s authority

Washington, D.C. — Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it will issue final standards to control toxic air pollution from industrial boilers by April 2012, more than a year after a federal court ordered the agency to finish the process. The delay places thousands of lives at risk and will saddle the American public with disease and economic burden that could have been avoided had the agency acted according to the court’s decision.

Below is a statement from Earthjustice attorney James Pew:

“By EPA’s own account, the practical result of this one year delay will be the death of as many as 6,500 people. The delay will also cause thousands of heart attacks, asthma attacks, and emergency room visits and hundreds of thousands of missed days of work and school due to illness caused by uncontrolled air pollution.”

“This delay is both a violation of the Clean Air Act and the decision made by a federal court that EPA had to finish these critical health protections last February. The agency’s unilateral choice to ignore these authorities is audacious and dangerous to the public’s health.”

Where Is the OUTRAGE? TEPCO Had A Fallout Projection Map On March 12 And Faxed It To The Government!

Once you were warriors, but now if it were not for concerned mothers (at least that instinct could not be totally suppressed with mind-control) there would be no protest at all.

Just guess what mother bear would have done if you would have endangered her young like TEPCO and the Japanese government have endangered your children with lies, cover-ups and propaganda?

Fukushima: Three Million of Millions of Potential Lethal Doses

Fukushima Now Equal To 50 Plus Chernobyls & 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses Of Radiation

That would have been a very short fight.

And I am not suggesting you should become violent here, but take over your government PEACEFULLY NOW and evacuate your brothers and sisters and listen to the real nuclear experts.

Fukushima City (Over 290,000 People) Is In Danger: Greenpeace Detects Cobalt-60 And High Radiation ‘Hot Spots’ – Children Should Be Evacuated Immediately

Prof. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University On The UGLY TRUTH About The Nuclear Disasters Of Chernobyl And Fukushima (Video)

A peaceful revolution is the only option left in many countries right now:

Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Revolution is the Only Answer (For Greece, Ireland etc.)

And the governments around the world do everything to turn those protests violent:

How Greek Policemen Provided ‘Weapons’ (For Undercover Cops) To Provoke Violence At Syntagma Square (Video – 06/15/2011)

#Fukushima I Nuke Accident: TEPCO Created Radiation Dispersion Simulation Maps on March 12 (EX-SKF, June 25, 2011):

TEPCO faxed them to the government, Fukushima Prefecture, and two towns where Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is located. The government and Fukushima Prefecture didn’t bother to tell anyone else.

TEPCO’s Tokyo headquarters did the simulation clearly using their own software, faxed the results back to the plant who then faxed those maps, along with the plant status data and radiation monitoring data (as much as they could get at that time) to:

  • The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry;
  • Governor of Fukushima Prefecture;
  • Mayors of Ookuma-machi and Futaba-machi.

The simulation is in the 11,000 documents that the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, regulatory agency for the nuclear industry under the METI, suddenly decided to dump onto the public on June 24, after NHK somehow obtained part of the documents and made a news story out of it on June 22. (The news story linked is in Japanese. More later.)

TEPCO was assuming the release of noble gas (xenon, krypton, probably) and iodine. This map is one of the several that was sent out by fax, and the simulation date and time was March 11, 2011 at 11:50PM, assuming the release of radioactive materials from the exhaust tower for the Reactors 1 and 2. This map is on page 10 of the March 12 file that NISA dumped on June 24.

The release of radioactive materials was based on the assumptions as follows (handwritten note on page 6 of the March 12 file released by NISA):

Read moreWhere Is the OUTRAGE? TEPCO Had A Fallout Projection Map On March 12 And Faxed It To The Government!

Texas Forces Firms To Open Up On ‘Fracking’

Don’t hold your breath:

Fracking Hell: Toxic And Radioactive Waste – The Untold Story

The Oil and Gas Industry’s 800-Pound Gorilla: RADIATION!

‘Fracking’ Result (= Contamination) For UK Shale Gas Will Be Kept Secret Until 2015

US: Natural Gas Wells’ Contaminated Water Hits Rivers

GASLAND Trailer 2010 (Documentary)

Texas forces firms to open up on ‘fracking’ (Independent, 22 June 2011):

For years, the industry in the US has refused to declare what toxic chemicals it uses during fracking, a policy that has bred public mistrust and accusations of pollution

As the spiritual home of big oil, Texas may fairly be seen to be to environmentalism what its official food, chilli con carne, is to vegetarianism.

But that hasn’t stopped the state becoming the first corner of America to require energy firms to disclose information about the chemicals they are pumping into the ground in order to release natural gas during the hugely controversial process of “hydraulic fracking”.

Read moreTexas Forces Firms To Open Up On ‘Fracking’

Israeli Undercover Agents Boast Of Killing Palestinians on TV

Meet the NAZIS:

On record: Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘America is something that can easily be moved.’ ‘The world won’t say a thing.’ ‘The world will say we’re defending.’

Influential Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Non-Jews Are Donkeys, Created To Serve Jews (Jerusalem Post)

Israel: Influential Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Calls For Palestinians To ‘Perish From The World’ (Daily Mail)

Israeli undercover agents boast of killing Palestinians on TV (Gilad Atzmon, June 22, 2011):

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Undercover Israeli intelligence officers appeared on national television Saturday to talk about assassinating Palestinians in a program broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10.

Oren Beaton presented a photo album of Palestinians he killed during his time as a commander of an undercover Israeli unit operating in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Beaton explained that he kept photos of his victims.

“This is a photo of a Palestinian young man called Basim Subeih who I killed. This is another young man. I shredded his body, and the photo shows the remnants of his body,” he said.

The TV program also featured an undercover agent referred to as “D”, who openly admitted killing “wanted Palestinians.”

He complained of suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and said that the state had rejected his demands for compensation.

The Channel 10 presenter appealed to the Israeli government to meet the agent’s demands.

“Those are the Shin Bet agents we only hear about and never see, and thanks to them we live safely,” she said.

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Israeli PM’s Son Yair Netanyahu Insults Muslims On Facebook: ‘Terror Has A Religion And It Is Islam’

And again:

Former Head of Mossad Meir Dagan: Israel Government ‘Reckless And Irresponsible’ – ‘I Decided To Speak Because When I Was In Office, Diskin, Ashkenazi And I Could Block Any Dangerous Adventure. NOW I AM AFRAID THAT THERE IS NO ONE TO STOP BIBI AND BARAK’ (Guardian)

Meet the NAZIS:

On record: Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘America is something that can easily be moved.’ ‘The world won’t say a thing.’ ‘The world will say we’re defending.’

Influential Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Non-Jews Are Donkeys, Created To Serve Jews (Jerusalem Post)

Israel: Influential Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Calls For Palestinians To ‘Perish From The World’ (Daily Mail)

Israeli PM’s son insults Muslims on Facebook (Independent, June 25, 2011):

The Israeli Prime Minister’s 19-year-old son posted disparaging comments about Arabs and Muslims on his Facebook page, an Israeli paper reported yesterday.

Earlier this year, Yair Netanyahu posted that Muslims “celebrate hate and death,” the Haaretz daily said. After Palestinian assailants entered a West Bank settlement and stabbed five members of an Israeli family to death, he wrote that “terror has a religion and it is Islam”.

Yair Netanyahu, the eldest of Benjamin Netanyahu’s two sons, is currently a soldier in the Israeli military’s media liaison unit. A lawyer for the Netanyahu family, David Shimron, said the comments were those of a “teenager” and were “taken out of context in an attempt to defame the Prime Minister and his family”.

The Prime Minister’s son also ran a Facebook group that called for a boycott of Arab businesses, and used obscenities to describe Arabs. Haaretz said the comments were removed within hours of the paper’s request for a response from the Prime Minister’s representatives.

More on Israel:

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Tony Blair’s Personal Details ‘Hacked’

“Tony Blair’s Private Info is getting leaked tonight, so is his Personal Adivsors CV and UK MPs & Lords who supported the war in Iraq.”

Tony Blair’s personal details ‘hacked’ (Telegraph, June 25, 2011):

The file, which also included the names, addresses and phone numbers of Mr Blair’s contacts, was being tweeted by users on Twitter on Friday night.

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