Fukushima MOX Reactor No. 3 Radiation Levels Even Higher Than June 8 Readings

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#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor 3’s Radiation Remains High (EX-SKF, June 26, 2011):

2 Packbots from iRobot were apparently accompanied by 5 carbon-based workers and entered the Reactor 3’s reactor building to take the radiation measurement on June 24.

The result was announced on June 25 by TEPCO, and the radiation level remains high. At many places it was higher than in the previous survey which was done on June 8.

This time, they either didn’t take the measurements or didn’t disclose the measurements near the staircase that leads to the contaminated water in the reactor building basement (southwest corner).

Comparing this map to the one they disclosed on June 9 (June 8 survey results) below, it is clear that they weren’t disclosing all measurements done on June 8. Sigh. When will they ever learn?

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