TEPCO: Fukushima Nuclear Plant Decontamination System Not Working

Plant decontamination not working (NHK, June 22, 2011):

The Tokyo Electric Power Company is looking into why a system for decontaminating radioactive water at the Fukushima Daiichi plant is not working as expected, delaying resumption of the system’s full-scale operation.

The firm on Wednesday published data showing the amount of radioactive materials that had been removed from contaminated water during a test run of the US-made system.

The data show that density of Cesium-13 and Cesium-137 dropped to only one-100th of initial levels.

An earlier test run using water with a lower density of radioactivity showed a drop to about one-1000th.

The utility had said the system would begin full-scale operation in a couple of days.

TEPCO on Tuesday began reducing the amount of cooling water injected into the plant’s No. 1 to 3 reactors and is carefully monitoring changes in their temperatures.

1 thought on “TEPCO: Fukushima Nuclear Plant Decontamination System Not Working”

  1. The blind are leading the blind. When will they admit they cannot fix the nuclear meltdown in the power plant? Radiation continues to pour into the atmosphere, ocean, and soil at unprecedented levels. The fact they want to put the two remaining reactors into operation shows they have not learned anything; for profit, they will keep doing the same things expecting different results. It is greed-based insanity. I hope the Japanese and the USA follows the Germans and the French who are intelligent enough to ban nuclear power plants. In both those countries, the people are still valued above corporate greed. We could follow their examples.
    Thanks for staying on this story. It is a relief for those who want the truth, and are tired of corporate spin. Your good, credible reporting ought to be good examples for many others in the news business.
    Marilyn Gjerdrum


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