Permaculture Is Real, But Sepp Holzer Is A Fraud, Who Is Only In For The Money

As much as I loved the idea that ‘originals’ like Sepp Holzer exist, which is why I have posted these videos …

Sepp Holzer on Permaculture: Farming with Terraces and Raised Beds

Sepp Holzer: Permaculture – Farming With Nature

… I have to tell you about the following book.

Sepp Holzer fans would be very good advised to study this carefully documented book.

And this book is not just about one personal dispute or vendetta of Gertrud Barrada with Sepp Holzer.

If you haven’t read it you would probably not believe it.

On the other hand if you have read it then Sepp Holzer must be a documented  dabbler, a liar, a criminal (also against nature), a thief, a destroyer and a fraud, who is only in for the money.

The problem is that the book is in German.


– ???Bittere Ernte: Mut zur Wahrheit – Eine Frau packt aus

@ there are only expensive used books available:

? ???Bittere Ernte: Mut zur Wahrheit – Eine Frau packt aus


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