And Now 3 Earless Rabbits Born In China (VIDEO)

Humans are (most probably) next.


Earless Mutant Rabbit Born Near Fukushima Daiichi (Video)

(JAPAN) Fukushima Radiation DNA Mutation Now In China : China Rabbit Births Earless Bunnies

China Earless Rabbits (China Central Television, June 15, 2011):

All rabbits have long ears, but there are a few that do not. These rabbits have recently been found in a villager’s home in Chengkou County of Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality.

The earless rabbits have bald heads and gray eyes instead of hairy heads and red eyes.

The owner of the rabbits said that the mother rabbit used to give normal birth and only this time the new-born were different.

The weird news attracted villagers far and near.

“Maybe it is because of genetic variation,” said one resident.

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