Radiation Levels in Tokyo MUCH Higher Than Reported By Government Reports (Video – 06/14/2011)

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Added: 15.06.2011

“Japanese public has increasingly questioned government-measured values of nuclear radiation level near Fukushima County, particularly in Tokyo, since the nuclear accident occurred in Fukushima in March.

Japanese government has been publishing radiation measurements through media every day since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was damaged in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the northeast on March 11, 2011. As radioactive substances were found in farm produce in Kanagawa, and even Shizuoka, which is about 360 km away from Fukushima, public doubt about government data was getting stronger.

In the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, some 250 km away from Fukushima, a meter indicated the radiation quantity was 0.2 microsievert per hour in the atmosphere on Tuesday, more than two times that government value published on newspaper.”

The official radiation level remained at 0.06 microsievert per hour in recent days, but many ordinary people, especially young parents, suspect the figure. They measured by themselves and most found their results were two times the government values.

Based on 0.2 microsievert per hour in calculation, the radiation quantity will be accumulated to 1.75 millisievert for a year, much higher than 1 millisievert maximum specified by the World Health Organization that a human being can sustain except for receiving from the nature and medical services.

“We have a little kid, so we worry about him very much,” said kid’s father in the park. When asked if he believed in government published radiation values, he answered, “We have no way to know whether the government measurements are accurate or not. What we can do is trying to prevent the baby from radiation. We don’t feed him tap water, but bottle water instead.”

“During the first days shortly after the nuclear accident happened, we didn’t take our baby to the outside. Three months have passed. The baby cannot stay at home all the time. It’s not good for him. The radiation level is still high, but we just cannot leave him at home,” said the baby’s mum.

According to measurement results of some private organizations, the radiation level is several times that government values in some places where radioactive substances are prone to sediment, such as under trees, in the grass or water outlets.

As public hope to know about real radiation level around themselves, many local governments have determined to survey with their own efforts. Tokyo metropolitan government has decided to set 100 measurement points within its extent of jurisdiction and announce results in time. ”

Source: China Central Television (CCTV)

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