Yellow-Colored Water Accumulated In Basement Of Reactor 3, Believed To Be Leaked Water From Inside the Reactor

Footage of Fukushima No.3 reactor released (NHK, June 15, 2011):

Tokyo Electric Power Company has released video footage taken last week of Number 3 reactor at its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The video shows workers wearing protective suits enter the building through a cargo entrance. The roof of the facility was missing with the sky in view because of a hydrogen explosion on March 14th.

The footage also shows the workers advancing while wiping the floor with paper sheets to check the concentration of radioactive substances scattered there.

They were then seen climbing down a stairwell while carefully using dosimeters attached to the tips of poles they were carrying.

The footage also revealed yellow-colored water that had accumulated in the basement. The water is believed to be leaked water that had been injected into the reactor in an effort to lower its temperature.

The dosimeter readings at locations where the footage was taken were around 50 millisieverts per hour.

The highest reading during this inspection stood at about 100 millisieverts per hour, meaning the workers would receive the maximum allowable level of exposure — 250 millisieverts — within 2 and a half hours.

The criminal Japanese government changed the maximum allowable level of exposure for nuclear workers from 100 millisieverts per year to 250 millisieverts per year on March 15!


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