Now It Gets Interesting: Goldman Sachs Gave A Paid Internship To Libyan Official’s Brother

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Now It Gets Interesting: Goldman Gave A Paid Internship To Libyan Official’s Brother (Business Insider, Jun. 13, 2011):

Finally the allegations that Goldman Sachs bribed Libya for access to its sovereign wealth fund get interesting.

Goldman apparently hired an intern who was a Libyan official’s brother.

From the Financial Times:

Goldman confirmed that Haitem Zarti, brother of Mustafa Zarti, the Libyan Investment Authority’s former deputy head, worked for the bank in London and Dubai for almost a year. An initial three-month stint was extended due to good performance.

Mustafa Zarti was reportedly very “taken” with glossy Wall Street names like Goldman Sachs.

Initially his brother, Haitem, was hired for a standard 3-month paid internship (internships at banks are almost always – if not always – paid. They work like employees and get paid like employees.) in June 2008, but then his internship was extended “for good performance.”

Haitem is 29 now, making him 26 when he was an intern at Goldman.

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