Earless Mutant Rabbit Born Near Fukushima Daiichi (Video)

Added: 07.06.2011

A new-born rabbit without ears is seen in Namie City which is located just outside the 30km exclusion zone of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. The owner of the rabbit Yuko Sugimoto, 56-year-old, found the rabbit born without ears on May 7. She has 21 rabbits in total. The rabbit is drawing attention among the local media and appeared in weekly magazines.


2011.06.04 – 福島県:「耳なしウサギ」が確認された。飼い主は、福島県浪江町に住む杉本祐子さん(56)。5月7日に赤ちゃんウサギを確認した。杉本さんは約21羽のウサギを飼育して­いる。ウサギ小屋は、福島第1原発からは30キロ以上離れている。撮影日:6月4日

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