E.Coli Outbreak: Leading Microbiologist Says Clear Shops of German Food To Cut Risk – Germany Reports 200 New Cases – More Cases Worldwide

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E.Coli outbreak: clear shops of German food to cut risk, says leading microbiologist (Telegraph, June 3, 2011):

British supermarkets should withdraw German produce from their shelves to reduce the risk of an outbreak of a deadly strain of E. Coli, one of Britain’s leading microbiologists has said.

Hugh Pennington, an emeritus professor of bacteriology at Aberdeen University, said: “They [the supermarkets] should take a safety first approach and if it is a small amount of produce they should remove it from the shelves. This is a very dangerous bug because a surprisingly large proportion of the people who have been infected have gone on to develop nasty complications.”

E coli infections spread around world as Germany reports 200 new cases (Guardian, June 3, 2011):

Cases of infection by the deadly E coli bacterium have continued to spread around the world from its source in northern Germany, reaching a dozen countries by Friday evening as the German chancellor and Spanish prime minister moved to calm a diplomatic row over the source of the infection.

The Czech Republic and the US have joined the list of those dealing with cases amid concern that some of those infected had not visited Germany and so must have been infected elsewhere.

Angela Merkel has said she would push for EU help for farmers in Spain – whose cucumbers were wrongly blamed by German authorities for the outbreak.

Germany reported a further 200 cases diagnosed on the first two days of the month as the total number of people infected worldwide rose above 1,800. The total number of reported deaths in Germany is 19. Just 11 cases have been confirmed in England.

E.coli outbreak traced to German restaurant (Independent, June 4, 2011)

China helps unravel new E.coli for embattled Europe (Reuters, June 3, 2011):

HONG KONG, Jun (Reuters) – For three long weeks Europe was gripped with fear battling a mysterious E. coli epidemic, and it wasn’t until late this week that China’s genomics institute nearly 7,000 km away finally put its finger on the culprit.

Chinese scientists at the Beijing Genomics Institute, the world’s largest DNA sequencing center, announced late on Thursday that the E. coli spreading through Europe was “a new strain of bacteria that is highly infectious and toxic.”

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  1. Even worse is the fact such bacteria is legal in the USA thanks to a loophole in the safety net. The FDA is looking into it now, and looking for a way to close it. As usual, too little, too late. Nothing works any longer, China had to come up with a definition of the problem.
    Thanks for all you do on this website.
    Marilyn Gjerdrum


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