500,000 Becquerels Per Kg Found In Some Rainwater Drains Over 75 Miles From Fukushima Nuclear plant

Radioactive material, the risk of high local concentrations ( Asahi, May 31, 2011):

Google translation:

Professor Iwata Prefectural Assembly Committee on 山形大 ▽ “to stop dangerous agricultural cropping areas,” Proposal

Special Committee on Earthquake East subcommittee of the County Council in 30 days, the impact on the dispersal of radioactive materials within the prefecture, after hearing the opinions from the experts. Professor Iwata Takahiro of Science 山形大 level “does not have any living normal” adding, “and sludge on the drain, there is a risk of high concentration topical damned swept and rain of radioactive material,” he said was.

Professor Iwata and reporting of radioactive cesium was detected 500,000 becquerels per kg of the roof drains from the surrounding dust Yamagata University. The comparable figures were detected in the sludge of sewage treatment plants in Fukushima Prefecture, “‘s possible that soil contaminated with high concentrations in the agricultural land is undeniable. Also avoid harmful rumor, find a hazard, crop such measures must be taken not “and suggested.

On the other hand, soil and air were measured in the prefecture after the nuclear accident, radiation levels in agricultural products is extremely low, “can safely send a normal life, including the children do not. In the more limited planting the pollution of soil “he said.

The committee will, for the role of the county disaster recovery enhancements and Tohoku ▽ ▽ assistance to victims of anti-stricken area of ​​economic activity and normal life prefecture residents – to discuss three themes, The proposal to put together a regular meeting in June.

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