Radioactive Strontium Found 10 km From Fukushima Plant

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#Radioactive Strontium from Soil Within 10 Kilometers of #Fukushima I Nuke Plant:

A slow dribbling of information on the extent of radiation contamination, so that people in Japan don’t connect the dots and figure out that their soil, water, ocean have probably been contaminated beyond repair.

It took the Ministry of Education and Science one month to announce the test result, just like when it announced the result for the locations 30 kilometers away from the plant back in mid April.

Asahi Shinbun (6/1/2011):


The Ministry of Education and Science announced on May 31 that the radioactive strontium-90 was detected from the soil samples at 4 locations in Okuma-machi and Futaba-machi, the towns located inside the 10-kilometer radius from Fukushima I Nuke Plant.

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The samples were taken from April 29 to May 1. At Ottozawa district of Okuma-machi, located 2 kilometers west by southwest of the plant, 68 becquerels/kilogram strontium-90 was detected. At the other 3 locations, it was 2.5 to 12 becquerels/kilogram. Strontium-89, whose half life is 50 days, was also detected at all 4 locations. They are thought to have come from Fukushima I Nuke Plant, not from the past nuclear tests. There is no standard on the amount of strontium in the soil. Strontium tends to accumulate in the bones once ingested.


When the Ministry tested the samples taken at Namie-machi and Iitate-mura in mid March, the maximum amount of strontium detected was 32 becquerels/kilogram. From the sample that TEPCO took in mid April at Fukushima I Nuke Plant, 570 becquerels/kilogram strontium was detected.

The result of this particular test has been uploaded at the Ministry’s site (image is below), but it is not just strontium that they found. They also found:

  • Cesium-136 (half-life 13 days);
  • Tellurium-129m (half-life 33.6 days)
  • Uranium-234, -235, -238;
  • Plutonium-239 and 240 (at three locations)

The Ministry believes uranium there is naturally occurring, and plutonium is from the past nuclear tests.

1 thought on “Radioactive Strontium Found 10 km From Fukushima Plant”

  1. These officials are lying through their teeth. Pluotonium was found here in CA 3-4 weeks ago. I guess that is due to a the plutonium rich area of CA? I am so tired of lies and blackouts on relevant stories like this one. Thank you again, Infinate Unknown, for your tireless efforts in giving us some true accountings of this story. This is a site I now reference daily, it is the best on this subject I have found.

    As someone who lives directly in the air and ocean stream from Japan, I’d sure like to know how much we have here. I live in a coastal rainforest in Northern CA, and I am seeing changes in the trees I have not ever seen before. There are no resources to provide any answers. The blackout on this story is an outrage. I had someone ask me the other day “is that still going on?” in reference to the Japan disaster.

    Thanks for all you are doing. Many of us are seeking the truth, and your very credible reporting is appreciated.

    Marilyn Gjerdrum


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