HAARP Ring Outbreak Goodland, KS – Iowa – Chicago – Cleveland – Michigan (05/30/2011)

Added: 29.05.2011

Expect severe weather up to and including tornadoes in the following areas due to HAARP Ring activity over each named town:

Goodland Kansas

Omaha Nebraksa

Des Moines Iowa

Springfield Illinois

North Indiana along the Michigan Border as far west as Chicago as far east as Lorain Ohio / Cleveland Ohio.

Also watch Grand Rapids , Grayling, Mio, Michigan— although the state of Michigan may just be the accellerator moving the storms along their track…. we shall see about michigan getting severe.. i don’t quite know yet on this… since it seems the whole state is covered by two of the rings…

The rest of the named areas can also be seen by pausing this video and making note of the area, and then compare 2 days later to see what was hit.

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Fukushima: Reactor No. 2 Radioactive Cesium Level Now Double Reactor No. 1, Steam Fills Building, Humidity Reaches 99.9 Percent

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Fukushima: 225 Sieverts Per Hour At Reactor No. 1 – Radiation Levels Are Now Off The Chart!!!

Watch the video here.

High radioactivity level at No. 2 reactor (NHK, May 30, 2011):

The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says the radioactivity level and humidity are high in the Number 2 reactor building, which will make internal operations hard.

Workers entered the building last week to measure humidity and to gauge levels of radioactive substances in the atmosphere.

The results show the Number 2 reactor building’s radioactive cesium level is twice as high as the cesium level in air not purified in the Number 1 reactor building. Steam is filling the Number 2 building, and humidity has reached 99.9 percent.

The high humidity means an air purification unit cannot be used to lower the level of radioactivity.

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Adolf Hitler ‘Gave Go-Ahead To Rudolf Hess Mission To Secure Peace With Winston Churchill’ (Daily Mail)

For your information…

Adolf Hitler gives a Nazi salute with his deputy Rudolf Hess by his side

Hitler ‘gave go-ahead to Rudolf Hess mission to secure peace with Winston Churchill’ (Daily Mail, 29th May, 2011):

Rudolf Hess’s flight to Britain during World War Two in a bizarre attempt to secure peace was backed by Adolf Hitler, fresh documents claim.

History has long recorded that the Nazi number three was acting alone when he piloted a Messerschmitt to Scotland in May 1941.

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Waking Up For Beginners: They Warned Us! Maybe Now You Will Listen!

Added: 27.05.2011

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Rep. Ron Paul: ‘The Fate Of The American Republic Is Now Sealed’ (May 25, 2011)

US: House Passes Authority for Worldwide War (ACLU) (May 26th, 2011)

Ministers Unveil Plans To Fluoridate All Drinking Water In England And Wales

Fears over fluoride plans (Daily Mail, 30 May 2011):

Ministers have triggered a major health row by unveiling plans to allow fluoride to be added to all drinking water in England and Wales.

Water companies will be forced to add fluoride if local health authorities order it, despite controversy over the long-term effects on health, the Government confirmed.

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Fukushima: 225 Sieverts Per Hour At Reactor No. 1 – Radiation Levels Are Now Off The Chart!!!

Radiation levels are now off the chart!!!

福島原発 1号機 / 福島原発原子炉の状態 原子炉の放射線量 (atmc, May 29, 2011):

Google translation:

Unit 1 nuclear power plant Fukushima / dose of a nuclear reactor nuclear reactor state Hukushima

Location: Unit 1 nuclear power plant Hukushima
Date: Sun Mar 15, 2011 (Tuesday) to May 29, 2011 (Sun)
Current values: D / W: 225Sv / h, S / C: 0.944Sv / h

日付 D/W S/C
5/29 225 0.944
5/28 215 0.950
5/27 63.8 0.959
5/26 43.7 0.958
5/25 215 0.987
5/24 192 0.997
5/23 201 1.01
5/22 196 1.01
5/21 36.2 1.02
5/20 46.5 1.03
5/19 36.3 1.04
5/18 45.4 1.04
5/17 _ 1.04
5/16 _ 1.05
5/15 _ 1.06
5/14 _ 1.07
5/13 _ 1.08
5/12 _ 1.09
5/11 _ 1.10
5/10 _ 1.11
5/09 _ 1.13
5/08 _ 1.14
5/07 _ 1.15

Plant parameters are published by NISA (reactor state) to graph the amount of nuclear radiation.
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant reactor 1 can be checked on a daily basis – such as water temperature, pressure dose of 5 items.
As soon as the data is published and updated as the chart.
No. 4 was stopped for inspection in the absence of a nuclear reactor fuel assemblies, are excluded from the list.
Meaning of the terms in the graph below.
D / W … stands dry well. The main thing containment. S / C … Sapuresshonchenba stands. I pressure suppression chamber.
※ The value of the graph shows the maximum absolute value of the day.

Goldman Sachs: $5 Gas

Comin’ this summer… $5 gas (New York Post, May 29, 2011):

The forecast for the summer driving season: Hit the road early. Not to beat the traffic, but to beat the higher gas prices expected in mid-July.

Goldman Sachs’ crystal ball is proclaiming that oil will soon soar to $135 a barrel, and likely have service stations jacking up fuel prices to $5 a gallon in New York just like the summer of 2008 that preceded the recession.

Indeed, analysts say Goldman and the other oil trading giant that also has the might to move prices, JPMorgan Chase, have already placed their energy bets for the summer. JPMorgan predicts oil hitting $130 a barrel in the coming weeks.

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US: House Passes Authority for Worldwide War (ACLU)


Rep. Ron Paul: ‘The Fate Of The American Republic Is Now Sealed’

House Passes Authority for Worldwide War (ACLU, May 26th, 2011):

The House just passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including a provision to authorize worldwide war, which has no expiration date and will allow this president — and any future president — to go to war anywhere in the world, at any time, without further congressional authorization. The new authorization wouldn’t even require the president to show any threat to the national security of the United States. The American military could become the world’s cop, and could be sent into harm’s way almost anywhere and everywhere around the globe.

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High Levels Of Radioactive Cesium Detected In Fukushima Snow

High Level of Radioactive Cesium from Snow in #Fukushima (Ex-SKF, May 29, 2011):

Radioactive pollution is now detected in snow and freshwater fish.

And Japan’s Kan administration still pushes for nuclear power, not just for the Japanese but for the up-and-coming countries in Asia and the rest of the world.

From Mainichi Shinbun Japanese (5/30/2011; link, emphasis added):

山岳愛好家らで作る「高山(たかやま)の原生林を守る会」 は29日、福島市周辺の山岳地帯から採取した雪の放射線量分析結果を公表した。標高1500メー トル以下を中心に高濃度の放射性セシウムが検出され、最高は箕輪山東斜面の1338メートル地点で1キロ当たり2968ベクレルだった。市内の阿武隈川の ヤマメなど川魚からは国の暫定規制値(1キロ当たり500ベクレル)を上回るセシウムが検出され、雪解け水の流入が原因とみられるという。

On May 29, a private association of mountain lovers [in Fukushima], “Association for preserving the primal forests in Takayama Mountain”, announced the result of radiation analysis of snow samples taken from the mountains around Fukushima City in Fukushima Prefecture. High concentration of radioactive cesium was detected from snow samples taken below the altitude of 1,500 meters (4,921 feet), with the highest being 2,968 becquerels per kilogram from the sample taken on the east slope of Mount Minowa at 1,338 meters high. Radioactive cesium that exceeds the provisional national limit (500 becquerels per kilogram) has been detected from freshwater fish in the Abukuma river that runs through Fukushima City, and it is considered that radioactive cesium in fish comes from the water from melted snow.

Accusations Of Treason In The Greek Parliament Against Bilderberg PM Papandreou


Greek Central Bank Accused of Encouraging Naked Short Selling of Greek Bonds (Financial Times)

And remember that the biggest Greek CDS speculator has been the state-controlled Hellenic Post Bank with help from (Yes, you’ve guessed it!) Goldman Sachs:

State-controlled Hellenic Post Bank (TT) bet against Greece (Kathimerini)

Fragwürdige Finanzgeschäfte Griechen wetten auf eigene Pleite (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

The state-controlled Hellenic Post Bank was betting on Greece going bankrupt!

What will happen if Greece defaults:

Here Is What Happens After Greece Defaults


Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Revolution is the Only Answer (For Greece, Ireland etc.)


The following article will be constantly updated at ‘Covering Delta’, so please visit the link  and read the article there.

Accusations of Treason in the Greek Parliament (Covering Delta):

Leaving aside for a moment the obvious questions of criminality and treason that have arisin from the details of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Greek government and the Troika (IMF/EU/ECB), which concedes total sovereign authority of the Greek state over the fate of its own citizens to foreign banks, let us turn to recent allegations made in Parliament against the Prime Minister of Greece himself, George Papandreou.

Recently, in an interview on Greek television, Member of Parliament for New Democracy, Mr. Panos Kammenos, made allegations that if true, could very well constitute treason for the Greek Prime Minister, members of his staff and possibly members of his own family. These allegations were repeated by Mr. Kammenos on the floor of parliament and given support by the leader of LAOS, Mr. George Karatzaferis. These allegations are therefore, not made lightly, and have now been plainly put forth before the Greek people. They can no longer be ignored, and the Prime Minister is obliged to respond to them.

The gist of the allegations rest on the charge by Mr. Kammenos, that the Greek Prime Minister, Mr. George Papandreou and members of his team, presided over the sale of 1.3 billion dollars worth of credit default swap contracts (CDS on Greek sovereign debt) on or around December of 2009, shortly after coming to power. The 1.3 billion dollars worth of insurance protecting against a Greek default was bought during the spring and summer of the same year, by the Hellenic Postbank, a public banking arm of the Greek government. It is unclear what the intentions of the Postbank were when it purchased the credit protection. Clearly, the previous government that was in power at the time (New Democracy or N.D.) understood that Greece was headed towards a fiscal crisis, otherwise they would not have purchased the insurance. However, we do not know if the move was initially made with the intention of reaping private profit, or simply as a hedge by the government itself against it’s own default.

[*Note: I have been made aware of a possible discrepancy between the numbers cited by Mr. Kammenos and those cited by Mr. Tombras in his law suit. Specifically, the subject at issue is the notional value of the CDS purchased and then sold by Hellenic Postbank. The size of the bank’s balance sheet would not warrant as large a hedge as the 60 billion in notional CDS (implied by Kammenos), which would imply that either the bank was net-short it’s own government’s debt, or that some mistake has been made by those looking over the books. This would affect the profit potential for the position, but would not change the fundamental fact that insurance protection was sold from public to private hands. – i.e. it has no bearing on the allegations]

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GREECE: Shocking New Bailout Conditions Mean The End Of National Sovereignty!

GREECE: Shocking New Bailout Conditions Mean The End Of National Sovereignty (Business Insider, May 29, 2011):

Big news on the Greece front: In order for the country to get future bailout money, the country will have to give up some sovereignty.

Specifically, according to a bombshell FT report, outside authorities will take over various functions related to tax collection (a big time problem in Athens) and privatizations.

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TEPCO Believes Stabilizing Fukushima Reactors By Year-End Impossible (Kyodo News)

TEPCO = Endless lies!

The truth is more than painful:

Prof. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University: ‘No One Knows How Fukushima Could Be Wound Down’ – Corium May Be Melting Through the Foundation

TEPCO’s ‘Cold Shutdown’ Lie And What They ‘Forgot’ To Tell You About Fukushima (Hawaii News Daily:

TEPCO says they are planning a “cold shutdown” of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plants in 6 to 9 months.

Cold shutdown” means the reactor cores – and the used fuel pools – decrease in temperature through 100 degrees C and continue to go down after a couple of days without additional cooling.  If that doesn’t happen within 48 hours, it isn’t going to.  E-V-E-R. The reactors are still ‘in service’ – which means the fuel is still reacting.  It hasn’t happened at Fukushima and it never will.

Fukushima Now Equal To 50 Plus Chernobyls & 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses Of Radiation (Veterans Today)

Kyodo News: “TEPCO believes stabilizing Fukushima reactors by year-end impossible” (EX-SKF, May 29, 2011):

Oh what a surprise.

TEPCO believes stabilizing Fukushima reactors by year-end impossible (Kyodo News; full article by subscription only; 5/30/2011):

Tokyo Electric Power Co. is coming to the view that it will be impossible to stabilize the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant by the end of this year, senior company officials said Sunday, possibly affecting the timing for the government to consider the return of evacuees to their homes near the plant.

The revelation that meltdowns had occurred at the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors at the plant, most likely with breaches to pressure vessels encasing nuclear fuel, has led the officials to believe that ”there will be a major delay to work” to contain the situation, one of them said.

The plant operator, known as TEPCO, announced on April 17 its road map for bringing the troubled reactors at the plant into a stably cooled condition called ”cold shutdown” in six to nine months.

Well, as late as May 17 when the revised “roadmap” was disclosed, TEPCO said there would be no change in the target time-frame for the “cold shutdown”.

The Kyodo Japanese article has a bit more information “leaked” by the TEPCO execs:

  • One executive said “6-9 month time-frame is only a target to strive for, and not a binding one.” [So the “roadmap” is a wish-list.]
  • About the Reactor 1 whose Containment Vessel is now found to be leaking water, “We have to find the leak and stop it. If we don’t know the extend of the damage to the Containment Vessel, we don’t know how long it takes to stop the leak.”
  • Another exec says “it will take 1 or 2 additional months” to bring the reactors in “cold shutdown” because of the bigger cooling system now envisioned.
  • Yet another one says “the works at three reactors [1, 2, 3] are not progressing simultaneously, as planned. We’ll have to ask workers to work during the New Year holidays.”

These executives are no doubt from the TEPCO’s Tokyo headquarters and probably the same ones who ordered a fancy “roadmap” at the government’s request, not people at Fukushima I Nuke Plant trying to contain the on-going crisis for the past 2 and a half months.

“Cold shutdown”, as Kyoto University’s Koide has repeatedly said, assumes the Reactor Pressure Vessel intact, and the fuel rods intact. There is no word for bringing the broken reactor with totally melted fuel into a stable condition so that it won’t emit any more radiation. There is no established process to do that, particularly when the melted jumble, corium, is possibly eating away the concrete beneath the Containment Vessels.

As long as TEPCO (headquarters) and the Japanese government are fooling around with the impossible idea of “cold shutdown” of the reactors that are broken, with the corium already outside the Reactor Pressure Vessels, or Containment Vessels, there will be no end in sight, I’m afraid.

UK Training Saudi Forces Used To Crush Arab Spring (Guardian)

• British military personnel run courses for snipers
• Human rights groups furious over Riyadh link

Saudi special forces
Saudi special forces, seen here training in Mecca, were used to crush protests in neighbouring Bahrain. Photograph: Mustafa Ozer/AFP/Getty Images

Britain is training Saudi Arabia’s national guard – the elite security force deployed during the recent protests in Bahrain – in public order enforcement measures and the use of sniper rifles. The revelation has outraged human rights groups, which point out that the Foreign Office recognises that the kingdom’s human rights record is “a major concern”.

In response to questions made under the Freedom of Information Act, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed that British personnel regularly run courses for the national guard in “weapons, fieldcraft and general military skills training, as well as incident handling, bomb disposal, search, public order and sniper training”. The courses are organised through the British Military Mission to the Saudi Arabian National Guard, an obscure unit that consists of 11 British army personnel under the command of a brigadier.

The MoD response, obtained yesterday by the Observer, reveals that Britain sends up to 20 training teams to the kingdom a year. Saudi Arabia pays for “all BMM personnel, as well as support costs such as accommodation and transport”.

Bahrain’s royal family used 1,200 Saudi troops to help put down demonstrations in March. At the time the British government said it was “deeply concerned” about reports of human rights abuses being perpetrated by the troops.

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