HAARP Ring Outbreak Goodland, KS – Iowa – Chicago – Cleveland – Michigan (05/30/2011)

Added: 29.05.2011

Expect severe weather up to and including tornadoes in the following areas due to HAARP Ring activity over each named town:

Goodland Kansas

Omaha Nebraksa

Des Moines Iowa

Springfield Illinois

North Indiana along the Michigan Border as far west as Chicago as far east as Lorain Ohio / Cleveland Ohio.

Also watch Grand Rapids , Grayling, Mio, Michigan— although the state of Michigan may just be the accellerator moving the storms along their track…. we shall see about michigan getting severe.. i don’t quite know yet on this… since it seems the whole state is covered by two of the rings…

The rest of the named areas can also be seen by pausing this video and making note of the area, and then compare 2 days later to see what was hit.

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