EPIC FAIL: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Gave Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen Only 5 Minutes To Speak About Nuclear Safety And Fukushima, Presentation Was Interrrupted Continuously (05/28/2011)

5 minutes???


The NRC does not want to know, or better ‘they’ don’t want you to know what is really going on.

Maybe it would have been much better to create another video and send the YouTube link to those NRC idiots.

I hope Mr. Gundersen will post his letter to the NRC on the Fairewinds website.


Because the NRC are such jerks.. we all are left wondering what exactly is going on….

Because of the NRC, people like myself have to go around the country taking measurements for radiation that came from a reactor that should have never been allowed to function in the FIRST PLACE!!!

PLEASE show your support to fairewinds if you can… can you believe the ignorance of the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)?

They only gave him 5 minutes to speak about one of the most important disasters to ever occur?!

I just sent fairewinds a nice little donation.. its not much, but im sure if others do the same.. it will add up quick!!

I really hate the political game that is clearly going on.. the other “callers” listening in.. sabotaged by drowning out over conference call… interruptions at the most important times etc..

Got to love the deliberate OBFUSCATION .. its so OBVIOUS!


This is why personal radiation measurements are VERY important right now!!

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