TSA Threatens To Make Texas A No-Fly Zone – Hundreds Rally At Texas State Capitol Building – Texas Legislature, Federal Government Clash Over Airport Pat-Down Bill, Texas Backs Down

Sexual assault and fascism we can take a bath in!

Texas Legislature, Federal Government Clash Over Airport Pat-Down Bill (NPR, May 25, 2011):

Texas lawmakers and federal agents came to a dramatic showdown last night, over a bill that would have prohibited Transportation Security Administration agents from conducting intrusive pat-downs. The Department of Justice circulated a letter that told the politicians if they went through with HB 1937, the TSA would cancel flights out of Texas.

Texas State Rep. David Simpson, who wrote the bill, put the ultimatum in more vibrant terms in a press release he issued today:

Either Texas backs off and continues to let government employees fondle innocent women, children and men as a condition of travel, or the TSA will cancel Texas flights. The Federal Government showed its willingness to bully the State of Texas if attempts to protect passengers from being forced to give up constitutional rights are not dropped.

In a letter to legislative leaders, the Department of Justice said the bill “would conflict directly with federal law.”

“Under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, Texas has no authority to regulate federal agents and employees in the performance of their federal duties or to pass a statute that conflicts with federal law,” John Murphy, an United States attorney, wrote in the letter.

Reuters reports that the bill would have made “intrusive touching” a crime punishable by up to a year of jail-time:

The bill described “intrusive touching” as touching a passenger’s sexual organs, or “touching in a manner that would be offensive to a reasonable person.”

Hundreds rally at Texas state capitol building to protest TSA threat to blockade Texas airports (Natural News, May 25, 2011)

In ruthless act of economic warfare, TSA threatens to make Texas a no-fly zone (Natural News, May 25, 2011):

(NaturalNews) In what can only be called a ruthless threat of total economic warfare, the TSA has threatened to enforce an economic blockade of Texas if the state legislature passes its bill criminalizing the TSA’s lewd pat-downs that have agents reaching down the pants of innocent travelers (http://www.naturalnews.com/032401_T…).

Texas state Sen. Dan Patrick had sponsored the bill which initially earned widespread support throughout both houses of the Texas legislature, but as the bill neared final passage, the TSA sent a threatening letter to Texas explaining that if the law were passed, the TSA would block all flights to and from Texas cities.

The TSA threatens economic warfare against Texas

The gloves are off, folks. The TSA is now engaged in what can only be called an act of economic warfare against the state of Texas. This rogue agency, which is staffed with power-hungry pedophiles, perverts and porn distributors (http://www.naturalnews.com/030787_c…), is already asserting its false power and threatening one of the largest economies in the world — the state of Texas — with severe economic harm if its lawmakers don’t cave in to the TSA’s tyrannical demands.

Just to be perfectly clear what you’re witnessing here, the TSA is saying that if your state stands up for the Fourth Amendment rights of its own citizens, then the federal government will shut down all your airports and refuse to allow airplanes to take off or land in your state. This is a form of economic tyranny being conducted by rogue federal agents who are threatening to turn Texas into a no-fly zone.

This is an act of war against Texas.

And this war began with two rogue TSA agents paying a little visit to Sen. Patrick at the Texas state Capitol in Austin. There, they laid out the terms of their threat, saying they would “close down all the airports in Texas.”

Don’t mess with Texas

But the feds have bullied the wrong state. Some lawmakers in Texas still remember what freedom actually means. “There was a time in this state, there was a time in our history, where we stood up to the federal government and we did not cower to rules and policies that invaded the privacy of Texans,” said Sen. Dan Patrick. (http://www.texastribune.org/texas-l…)

Today, Alex Jones is part of a growing protest taking place on the front steps of the Austin State Capitol building: http://www.prisonplanet.com/feds-th…

Remarkably, the TSA claims it has the right under the U.S. Constitution to do anything it wants — including reaching down your pants and feeling your genitals — without regard to the protections of the Fourth and Tenth Amendments. The TSA, of course, has zero understanding of U.S. law or the Constitution itself. It is, by any reckoning, a power-hungry, out-of-control, lawless and utterly tyrannical group of government perverts and thugs who are now engaged in the threat of economic warfare against the state of Texas.

We must not let the TSA rule over us any longer, or we will all be threatened with yet more tyranny from this anti-American group of tyrants whose actions closely resemble the schemes of terrorists.

Watch for more coverage of this issue here at NaturalNews.com and also at www.InfoWars.com where Alex Jones is on the front lines in Austin, Texas, on the steps of the Capitol building joining the protests.

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TSA Threatens To Make Texas A No-Fly Zone – Hundreds Rally At Texas State Capitol Building – Texas Legislature, Federal Government Clash Over Airport Pat-Down Bill, Texas Backs Down

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