And NOW … TSA Forgets To Tell Cops About ‘Terrorist’ Drill, Police Evacuate Airport And Seize ‘Terrorist’ With Fake Bomb

What are these TSA clowns thinking?

Police evacuate airport and seize ‘terrorist’ with fake bomb… pity TSA forgot to tell them it was just a drill (Daily Mail, May 20, 2011):

It was a routine bomb drill that had actually gone very well – it was just a shame the TSA failed to tell the police.

So when a man posing as a terrorist was caught going through scanners with a fake bomb at St. Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, police thought it was real.

They immediately evacuated the area before drawing their guns and stopping the now terrified faux bomber.

‘I think a lot of people were alarmed,’ Patrick Hogan, spokesman for the Metropolitan Airport Commission, told the Star Tribune of the incident.

‘There is always a danger that someone could have gotten hurt. It was unfortunate.’

The routine drill conducted by the Transportation Security Administration began last Thursday afternoon.

A man with a fake bomb in his carry-on bag was instructed to try and get through scanners undetected, Mr Hogan explained.

The TSA official saw what appeared to be an explosive and immediately notified authorities sparking a huge terror alert.

Within seconds TSA official told the poised officers the bomb was a fake and they were in the midst of a drill to test the response of screeners and rather ironically the communication system.

TSA spokeswoman Carrie Harmon said there had been a ‘miscommunication’ between the administration and police.

‘TSA continues to review this incident but took immediate steps to ensure the correct procedures will be followed in the future,’ Ms Harmon said before adding the TSA carries out thousands of drills every year at airports across the country.

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