Global Earthquake and Volcano Overview: Worldwide UPTICK In Activity (05/14/2011)

Areas to watch for the next 2 weeks and links:


Pacific Northwest south through Mono Lake California further south to Baja California– watch for a 5.0 or greater next 2 weeks.

East through Yellowstone south through Colorado Utah into North mexico / Texas… 4.0 or greater next 2 weeks.

New Madrid… oklahoma city, east through Greenbrier Arkansas, and then north through Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee into Indiana… 5.0 or greater next 3 weeks.

Further north-east, up to Montreal Canada.. watch for a 5.0 or greater next 2 weeks.



Spain near gibralter…. north to Belgium and east through germany into poland.. watch for a 5.0 or greater next two weeks..

Southern Europe.. mt. Etna has erupted, so watch for activity south of Italy east into the mediterranean sea to the area west of Israel…

As for New Zealand and Asia, anywhere along the fault line is at risk for a 6.0 or greater in the next 2 weeks.

Wish I could be more specific, but the threat watch basically includes EVERY fault line and volcano worldwide right now.

links below…

much love to one another


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