Fukushima: The Most Likely Solution Is To Encapsulate Entire No. 1 Unit, ‘Because Of High Radiation Construction Will Take Many Months, May Stretch Into Years’


Nuclear Expert: Suicide Crews ‘Facing 100-Year Battle’ At Fukushima

UPDATE 2-Fukushima reactor has a hole, leading to leakage (Reuters):

U.S. nuclear experts said that the company may have to build a concrete wall around the unit because of the breach, and that this could now take years.

“If it is assumed the fuel did melt through the reactor (And it did: See this and this.)
then the most likely solution is to encapsulate the entire unit. This may include constructing a concrete wall around the unit and building a protective cover over it,” W. Gene Corley, senior vice president of CTL Group in Skokie, Illinois, said on Thursday.

“Because of the high radiation that would be present if this has happened, the construction will take many months and may stretch into years,” Corley said.

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