TEPCO: Fukushima Reactor No. 3 IS LEAKING – Radioactive Cesium At 620,000 Times Above Limit (05/11/2011)


(AGI) Tokyo – Reactor 3 at the damaged Fukushima nuclear power station is leaking, a TEPCo spokesman announced. It is not confirmed whether the radioactive water has gone from the holding tank into the ocean. TEPCO, the company that manages the power station, is conducting tests. A similar leak happened last month at Reactor 2 and was plugged with a mixture. . .

Radioactive water found in No.3 reactor pit (NHK):

Tokyo Electric Power Company says water containing radioactive material has been found flowing into a pit outside of the No.3 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The flow was confirmed on Wednesday afternoon at a pit linked to a utility tunnel near the reactor’s water intake.

Workers could not confirm whether the water was leaking out into the sea, but they reported seeing froth near the water intake.

TEPCO says the concentration of radioactive Cesium in water sampled from the pit was 620,000 times higher than the safety limit set by the government. The utility also says it detected 1.5 milli-sieverts per hour of radiation on the surface of water in the pit, which indicates contaminated water may be leaking into the sea.

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