New Florida Law: Teenagers Must ‘Pull Up Their Pants’

Teenagers in Florida are set to be banned by law from wearing low-slung jeans that reveal their underwear.

Senate Bill 228, also known as the “Pull Your Pants Up” Bill, was last week overwhelmingly approved by the state legislature. It is expected to be signed by Governor Rick Scott this week.

The measure prohibits students from wearing clothing that “exposes their undergarments” or “indecently exposes their body parts” while they are at school.

It is aimed at putting an end to the Hip-Hop-influenced trend, favoured especially by young men, in which jeans are worn around the buttocks rather than the waist.

State Senator Gary Siplin, a Democrat of Orlando and a longstanding advocate of a ban, described it as “pro-family, pro-education, pro-jobs”.

“It is necessary to put the focus back on learning in the classroom,” said Mr Siplin. “We can eliminate inappropriate dress as one of the many distractions in public schools today.”

Pupils would receive a verbal warning on their first breach. For a second offence, a pupil would be banned from extracurricular activities for up to a week and his or her parents would be called in for a meeting.

A third strike, and pupils would be suspended from classes for three days and be banned from extracurricular activities for up to a month.

By Jon Swaine, New York 2:47PM BST 08 May 2011

Source: The Independent

3 thoughts on “New Florida Law: Teenagers Must ‘Pull Up Their Pants’”

  1. Nothing says pro education like a three day suspension, from classes for “distracting” clothing options. Way to go Florida, restrict some more of your freedoms while your at it.

  2. This is so jacked up. What about guys like me who don’t have an ass or hips to support my pants?? I’m not trying to be a thug but unfortunately my body structure causes me to sag all the time, with or without a belt…


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