Clueless Teenagers Flood Search Engines To Ask: ‘Who Is Osama Bin Laden?’

Brilliant! Now that gives us HOPE, doesn’t it?

Those kids will have no idea what hit them when the SHTF!

The greatest financial collapse in world history is about to happen.

We are already in the Greatest Depression.

And they have no idea.

Wake up:

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Speech: 66 per cent of the searches for ‘who is Osama Bin Laden’ came from teenagers aged 13 – 17 after Obama’s announcement on Sunday

It has been an end to biggest terrorist manhunt in recent history.

But it seems that as well as the millions of people who celebrated Osama Bin Laden’s death, there were a few who were more than a little confused.

The internet was flooded with searches from confused teenagers under the age of 17 asking the desperate question ‘Who is Bin Laden?’

Scores more turned to Twitter to pose the question, before they were quickly embarrassed by other users for their lack of knowledge.

One youngster wrote: ‘Who is Osama Bin Laden and why should I care?’

Another added: ‘Is he famous?’

A young Twitter user wrote: ‘Who is Osama? And why is it so good he died?’

Another poster referred to the terrorist leader as ‘Ben’ Laden.

Many of the teenagers would have been no older than toddlers when Bin Laden orchestrated the terrorist attacks on September 11.

Thousands of innocent people perished when two planes were deliberately crashed into New York’s World Trade Centre. Two more hijacked planes were crashed – one into the Pentagon and another came down in a field in Pennsylvania.

Yet despite ten years spent searching for Bin Laden and a ‘war on terror’, teenagers appear to be oblivious to what is actually happening in the world.

The internet search engine Yahoo! reported a 10,000 per cent increase in search traffic in the hours surrounding President Obama’s announcement on Sunday evening.

According to Yahoo!, 40 per cent of searches on Sunday for ‘who killed Osama bin Laden’ were from people ages 13 to 20.

But teenagers aged 13 to 17 made up 66 per cent of searches for the question ‘who is Osama bin Laden?’

Bizarrely, the eight most popular search term from Yahoo! was ‘How tall is Osama bin Laden?’

The figures give a revealing insight into the lack of current affairs and general knowledge among teenagers.

Critics will use the evidence to suggest that young people are spending too much time on ‘frivolous’ pursuits instead of studying.

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:30 PM on 4th May 2011

Source: Daily Mail

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