Massive, Well Defined Portland Oregon HAARP Ring / Flash RADAR – Wind Manipulation (05/02/2011)

Added: 02.05.2011

From: .. last night… a very well defined HAARP VLF UHF Flash ring appeared over Portland Oregon . More on this to come.

No narration, just the shot of this for now. Attempting to find out why the velocity (wind) is excited by this “radar return”.

Another step closer..


HAARP is real:

Former Governor Jesse Ventura on Government Cover-Ups . . . 9/11, the Reality of HAARP and Making Government Better

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: ‘HAARP’ (Full Episode)

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  1. Thank you so much for your work on this. I’m extremely interested in this. I live in Alabama and well, I don’t care what anyone says, our tornado outbreak isn’t an “historic” outbreak… it’s something more. How do you research this? I would be very interested in looking as well. Thank you so much, Doshia


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