Alert: North Carolina – Radiation Test – 124CPM At Grandfather Mountain!!! (4/24/2011)

Added: 24.04.2011

Measured at the Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.

coordinates: 36 5 39 N , 81 49 59 W

A ten minute measurement made at 5,299 ft. Just southwest of the Grandfather mountain visitor center.

CPM over 10 minutes reached a high reading of 1240 = 124 CPM.

Levels over 100 are of concern, and considered HIGH.

Some have raised the question of “radon” coming out of the rocks..

IF THIS AMOUNT OF RADON WAS COMING OUT OF THE ROCKS .. everyone in the park would be evacuated. Going back to the same place tomorrow to measure WITHOUT being “near” any rocks to settle ANY skeptics, and will compare the two videos.

Also just did a “test” on a fresh piece of granite, it tested “normal” at 41CPM, like holding it in the air for 10 minutes.. average about 38-41CPM in the air.

Keep in mind … this is my TEST measurement.. just getting a feel for how to do these videos.. and I don’t have my test kit yet.

This is the first measurment of hundreds to be done across the country.

When I return to St. Louis, Missouri, I will be picking up my “closed test kit” which will consist of an open top lead lined box, and a lead lined water container.

This will stop any potential “background” interference, from rock, or other outside contaminants.

Notice how the uptick in measured clicks occurs as the wind blows.

cheers to all


3 thoughts on “Alert: North Carolina – Radiation Test – 124CPM At Grandfather Mountain!!! (4/24/2011)”

  1. I am in NC and when u did the panorama the trees were barely begininng to sprout. We’re totally green here, sure date is right?

  2. Lassiter, spring comes later at elevation. If you were from WNC, as opposed to the rest of NC, I’m pretty sure you’d specify this. You only have to be here one year (I’m on my 30th) to notice that both fall and spring foilage levels change radically across the few hundred feet elevation you take on and shed on a normal commute to and from work.

  3. Oh wonderful, just great. I live in Asheville, within sight of Grandfather Mountain. I can verify the idea that fall comes earlier and spring later in the mountains than in lower elevations. It can be seen on the mountains when in the fall the leaves turn earlier on the mountains tops and in the spring when the mountain tops turn green later. I’d prefer not to wake up with that get up and glow feeling but I may not have a choice.


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