IMPORTANT: Radiation And Jet Stream Forecast UPDATE – Total Amounts Deposited

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RADIATION FALLOUT UPDATE: Asia, USA, Canada Receiving HIGH-Mid Levels

URGENT: HIGH-Mid Levels Of Cesium-137 Over The US, Canada – Radiation And Jetstream Forecast (4/13/2011)

Added: 21.04.2011


I have held off on a forecast update until I could at least verify one source and compare it .. I have since decided to drop the NILU forecasts for the time being, until we can see why the “hidden” cesium forecast was buried— see my previous video uploads on my channel for more details.

about cesium:

EURAD forecast models seen in video:

human micro/milli sievert exposure chart:

All flexpart forecast models and a fukushima webcam:

civilian based radiation monitoring networks:

Japan / Fukushima actual measurements of radiation daily:…

Netherlands Radiation monitoring:

Spain radiation monitoring:

Jet stream projection:

even more links:

Finland radiation:

radiation forecasting links:… (click on radiation update)

dutch radiation monitoring:

swiss radiation monitoring:

Finland radiation monitoring:

French radiation monitoring: (thanks to youtube user: RehKurts ! )

jet stream forecasting:

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