Georgia: Nuclear Reactor Shuts Down On Its Own

ATLANTA — A nuclear reactor at Plant Vogtle in eastern Georgia has been taken out of service until authorities determine why it unexpectedly shut down.

The Atlanta-based Southern Co. reported Thursday that the Unit 1 reactor at Plant Vogtle automatically shut down Wednesday evening. Officials say the shutdown procedure, called a scram, was completed without incident.

Nuclear reactors are designed to shut down if automatic monitoring systems detect conditions that could be unsafe. Southern Co. spokesman Alyson Fuqua said it is not immediately clear what prompted the shutdown. No problems have been reported.

Fuqua said the shutdown was triggered by equipment related to an electrical turbine. The company was not certain when the reactor would start producing power again.

Published: Thursday, Apr. 21, 2011 – 4:03 pm

Source: The Sacramento Bee

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